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  1. mchambers

    What did you get at the October PVAS All Day Auction?

    I saw a lot of CCA members yesterday! What a great auction! PVAS has it down to a science. I picked up four Corydoras hastatus, and then Josh (@JLW ) very nicely gave me one stray he had, so now I’ve got a nice sized (and lucky) group of thirteen. I wanted to bid on some very cool Corydoras...
  2. A

    Great deals at the auction today

    Had a good time at the meeting and got some great fish and plants in the auction. Some of the deals were really unbelievable. I picked up a group of panamensis that were a club donation from the speaker. He had some other fish in the auction that I would have loved to pick up if I had the...
  3. jstlstn

    June Auction

    Is there an auction this month? I have some Neolamprologus brichardi I no longer have room for. Was thinking about donating them I got them during the last BFD.
  4. jonclark96

    Meeting this weekend - register your auction items!

    Hey folks, There are already a few items listed for the auction at the meeting this Saturday, but I know there has to be some more out there. Don't forget to get them registered in Mygroupauctions.com. What do you have to bring?
  5. verbal

    PVAS auction listings

    A discussion thread about the auction is here: http://www.capitalcichlids.org/forums/showthread.php?t=27157 The club website is: http://pvas.com Platy, various java moss Kent marine-Black water expert API-water softener pillow Tank, 10 gallon -used 3 tiger barbs Emerald Cory, sterba cory...
  6. verbal

    PVAS Spring Auction - this Sunday

    Sunday April 3rd, 2016 Bidding starts 10:30 am Address: Green Acres School 4401 Sideburn Road Fairfax, Virginia 22030 Details here: http://pvas.com/auctions.php Facebook event here(be sure to add any friends who might be interested)...
  7. jonclark96

    BFD Auction

    CCA I've received feedback from several people regarding the Rare Fish Auction and some things that occurred that were offensive to some. Please accept my apology if you were offended. Understand that it was never anyone's intent to upset anyone. We will make sure that going forward, some...
  8. jonclark96

    February Auction Items

    I know we are coming up on The Big Fish Deal, but I bet there are still some folks who have stuff for the auction on Saturday. No item entered yet, so get them in now!
  9. jonclark96

    Fish Donations For the Rare Fish Auction

    CCA: As in years past, we have arranged for donations of some cool fish from great vendors across the country, but these vendors aren't the only source for Rare Fish. If you have some fish that you'd be willing to donate for the auction, please shoot me a PM letting me know. Closer to the...
  10. jonclark96

    BFD 2016 Auction Volunteers

    CCA: One of the highlights of the event is the Saturday evening Rare Fish Auction. Like most live auctions, we will need volunteers to help run bags. Volunteering is fun, as you get to meet folks, be involved in the auction, and you don't miss anything! Please post up here if you'd be...
  11. chriscoli

    January Auction Items

    Don't forget to get your stuff into My Group Auctions for this weekend's meeting! I can't wait to see everyone!!!!
  12. jonclark96

    November Meeting Auction

    CCA: Don't forget to get your items registered for the auction that this weekend's meeting. This is our last auction of the year, as the Holiday Party is in December and we don't have a regular meeting. Also, please remember that only current CCA members (with dues paid) are allowed to sell...
  13. M

    ACLC Annual Auction w/N&RS Shipment

    The Aquarium Club of Lancaster County will hold its annual auction on Saturday, Nov. 7, 2015. As we have done the past couple years, we have arranged for some interesting New & Rare Species to be auctioned off. You may be interested in some of these, among other items that will be available...
  14. C


    :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: EVERYONE!!!!!! Please note: The James River Aquarium Society Auction Has had to change its site!!! We all know that $)*%& happens....... Well,,,,, we lost our original site, and we have had to move to a new location While It will confuse anyone...
  15. chriscoli

    October meeting auction items

    Don't forget to enter anything you are bringing to the auction into MyGroupAuctions! I see that there are a few already listed, including a tropheus donation!!!
  16. chriscoli

    Auction items to go to JRAS

    Hello, CCA-ers! I'll be heading down to the upcoming JRAS auction (Saturday, Oct 17th). If you can't make it in person, but want to send anything down to the auction, I'm more than happy to take it for you. You'll need to register your items in MyGroupAuctions as well. Please don't send...
  17. C


    Just when you thought you didn't have enough places to go to shop for new fish, here you go! The James River Aquarium Society is holding their FIRST All-Day Auction, down in Richmond. The Date: OCTOBER 17, saturday, The Location: The Va dept of game and Inland fisheries building...
  18. JLW


    Hey everyone. I've just put together a PRE ORDER list just for the CCY Clash next weekend, or the PVAS Auction. Check out: http://www.batfishaquatics.com/preorder.php NOTE THE LINK TO THE SECOND PAGE. If you are attending the CCY Clash of the Cichlid's ONLY, here are a couple of...
  19. jonclark96

    September Meeting Auction - Just A Few Days Left to Register Items

    CCA: I'm looking forward to our first meeting of the fall this weekend. It looks like a few folks have already registered their items for the meeting auction, but I know there are plenty more people who have stuff to sell after the summer break. Don't forget to go to MyGroupAuctions.com and...
  20. verbal

    PVAS Fall Auction - Sunday Oct 4th - Fairfax, VA

    Sunday, October 4, 2015 Green Acres Center 4401 Sideburn Rd, Fairfax, VA 22030 We typical get over 1000 lots of fish, equipment and plants. We use the MyGroupAuctions system similar to CCA mini-auctions. We will have a live fish raffle for Rainbowfish - tickets will be $2 for that and the dry...