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What did you get at the October PVAS All Day Auction?


Former CCA member
I saw a lot of CCA members yesterday! What a great auction! PVAS has it down to a science.

I picked up four Corydoras hastatus, and then Josh ( JLW JLW ) very nicely gave me one stray he had, so now I’ve got a nice sized (and lucky) group of thirteen. I wanted to bid on some very cool Corydoras sold by Don Kinyon ( finzz finzz ), but the prices got a little rich for me. Of course, that also worked to my benefit, especially for the group of Corydoras C123 I sold.

I also picked up some powerheads in the tag sale and a pleco cave, and some other miscellaneous equipment.


CCA Members
I Agree it was a hoot.

I wasn’t planning on running but the need was there.

I picked up a group of giant danios and two plants.


I got a few apistos and a bunch of stuff from the tag sale. Plus a gorgeous trio of L002s from Lucy (thank you again, they are settling in nicely).


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Got there pretty late but some great deals on good stuff!

Got 4 adult pairs of goodeids (2 of a "new" species of Xenoteca, 1 of Xenoteca eiseni and 1 of Chaplicthys encaustus), a 50 lb bag of pool filter sand, three powerheads and a quick filter, a container of NLS Thera A, another container of veggie food and a box filter... all for under $25.

Good to see a full crowd and lots of CCA peeps :)