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Auction Rules

Monthly Mini-Auctions

Monthly on-site meetings feature a mini-auction after the program and raffle. Mini-auctions generally last from about 3 - 4 pm. They are a great way to pick up some rare and unusual or particularly beautiful fish and aquatic plants from top breeders in the club.

  • Only CCA Members may enter items for sale in the monthly mini-auctions, and are encouraged to bring fish, plants, and related items.
  • Rules for the Mini-Auction are included in the auction rules.
  • Buyers: Cash and Paypal are acceptable payments methods.
  • Sellers: Register your items at: www.mygroupauctions.com. (Registration at the My Group Auctions (MGA) website as a CCA member using your email address is required in order to enter items in any auction. (CCA does not allow the minimum bid field to be used).
  • As always, donations are welcomed.

Mini-Auction Rules for the Seller

All items will be registered in MGA and labeled with the MGA information. Bringing labeled items is encouraged.

Sellers of live fish or aquatic animals must enter the following information into the "Description" field in www.mygroupauctions.com: Species name (scientific and common if applicable), Quantity in bag, sex if determinable. Use proper terminology on fish bags. Labels must include the email address of the seller. At the discretion of CCA, mislabeled bags may be sold as a donation.

  • PAIR means a male/female of a species.
  • MATED PAIR means the pair has spawned successfully.
  • TRIO means 2 females and 1 male of a species.
  • REVERSE TRIO means 2 males and 1 female of a species.
  • COLONY means a mix of males and females of a species.

All items must be aquarium related and legal for sale.

Proper bagging of fish and aquatic animals is required. We strongly recommend that all fish are double bagged. Aggressive adult male and female fish should be bagged separately, and the bags taped together or put into a third bag. Ziploc type bags will not be allowed for fish or plants. Buckets, tanks and bowls will be allowed to house fish for the auction and any container that is used will become part of that lot and sold along with the fish it contains. IMPROPERLY BAGGED FISH WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN AUCTIONS. A re-bagging station will be available for improperly bagged fish and sellers will be encouraged to use it. CCA also reserves the right to reject any item that appears to be unsuitable for sale (e.g. sick fish, illegal plant).

All dry goods and aquatic equipment must mention condition in description. Wet substrate, opened food or chemicals are not allowed.

Once an item is entered in the auction it cannot be removed by the seller.

Neither CCA, volunteers for the auction, nor the auction site will be held responsible for damage or injury occurring before, during, or after the auction.

Only CCA members may receive proceeds from mini-auction sales. Non-members are able to join at the meeting or donate items. CCA takes $1 or 25% whichever is larger. Junior members get 100% of their sales. Members who are not juniors cannot sell under the junior's ID even if related.

The starting point will be determined randomly and will cycle sequentially through the items.

Mini-Auction Rules for the Buyer

Menmbers and non-members may make auction purchases. The buyer is responsible for the purchases and the security of items. Neither CCA, its auction staff or committee, nor the venue where the auction is being held will be responsible for the security of your items once purchased.

All items are sold "as is, where is" with all faults, known and unknown. Please inspect any items you are interested in thoroughly to your satisfaction before purchasing anything. Once the auctioneer announces an item sold, ownership immediately transfers to the winning bidder.

Sellers give no guarantee or warranty on anything in the auction.


If you need to re-bag your fish, a self-service re-bag station is available to use at no charge.

Minimum bid increment will be $1.00 and bid increments used will be at the discretion of the auctioneer. The auctioneer's decision is final and absolute.

Payments are due in cash or PayPal when the item is won. On a very limited basis the auction committee may allow tabs for mini-auctions with advanced approval.

Please remember to properly acclimate your fish and plants when you get home. It is strongly recommended that all new fish be quarantined for a minimum of 2 weeks in a separate aquarium before introduction into any community or established aquarium. Please, be a responsible aquarist, NEVER RELEASE ANY FISH OR AQUATIC PLANT INTO THE WILD.

Big Fish Deal Auction Specific Rules for the Buyer

All persons wishing to participate in the auction must have a bidders' card and be registered to buy at the auction. There is no charge to register. You will need to leave a piece of ID (like your driver's license) to receive a bidder's card.

All bidders must run a tab and pay on the way out of the auction room. Both fixed price and live auction items will be recorded to the bidders tab.

Payment is due on the day of the auction. Forms of payment include cash, or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover). Credit card users will be charged a 3% administrative fee that will be added to the selling price of each item.

In the event an item is bought and then abandoned and not paid for, the buyer will still be liable for payment and any related disposal costs.

At checkout, the bidder's card must be surrendered to the check-out table, and a receipt will be printed for verification and payment.

To bid on an item, raise your bid card in the air so that the auctioneer can plainly see it.

Items will be offered for auction in a random fashion.

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