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Next CCA Meeting

November 9thth


Josh Weigert

Title: TBD



Click Here for Information about the Next Club Meeting



John F. Kennedy High School

1901 Randolph Road, Silver Spring, MD 20902



1:00 - Doors Open for Setup and Socializing

2:00 - Talk starts

3:00 - Prizes and Club Mini-Auction or table sales (see forum thread for specific meeting details)




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    Jul 16, 2016
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Recent Threads

A.Heckelii a quick look

So after a 20year hiatus from the hobby I setup a 75 geo tank. 4 Heckelii, 4 geophagus in the Surinamensis complex.

just sharing in their spectacular beauty!

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A bit of silliness

The past few days have been an absolute disaster in fish-keeping, flooding things, digging through tanks to catch very dodgy fish, rushing around with hoses and buckets, cleaning sponge filters, etc.

I've finally found a nail polish that stands up to it all... So if you, like me, enjoy a little nail color and a lot of fish keeping, I wholeheartedly recommend the Mineral Fusion brand of polish, provided you can keep your hands out of a tank long enough to let it dry.

German Blue Rams - water parameters

I'm getting mixed feedback from so many sources on the PH and dGH range for German Blue Rams - I'm hoping that someone here can provide me with an 'official' answer as to what the best water parameters are for these cichlids.


FREE TO CCA MEMBER: Hoplarchus Psittacus

Hi all,

I have a Hoplarchus psittacus (true parrot cichlid) that is in need of a new home. His parrot brother/sister and oscar roommates have decided he is no longer welcome and have really put a beating on him. He/she is still eating, but is a little bit worse for wear with some torn fins and missing scales. It should heal up just fine in a calmer environment.

Let me know if you are a CCA member and could provide a comfortable home for it. I've raised it from 2" from Jeff Rapps stock. It is now around 6-7". I will be keeping the dominant parrot.


WTB Male juvenile flowerhorn

New here, don’t have Facebook so it’s hard to find reliable breeders online. Any recommendations are welcome, anyone selling tell me what you have (breed/strain, age, price)

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