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John F. Kennedy High School

1901 Randolph Road, Silver Spring, MD 20902



1:00 - Doors Open for Setup and Socializing

2:00 - Talk starts

3:00 - Prizes and Club Mini-Auction or table sales (see forum thread for specific meeting details)




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    Jul 16, 2016
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Recent Threads

ISO nano plants

Looking for some dwarf sag specifically. Setting up a desktop shrimp jar (low tech). Not looking for anything grown with CO2 as I won’t be able to provide it. Happy to grab off a porch. Looking for near DC (I’m in Brentwood, MD). Thanks!

Having my doubts please help ID

Hi I purchased this cichlid at a pet store as a Uaru ($25.99) it is about 1.5 to 2 inches in size. Cant tell you how long I been trying to get my hands on a Uaru wanted more than one but when I saw this one and it was labeled Uaru I didn't hesitate, that may have been my first mistake but hopefully not. Any way the reason that I am having doubt is because of the blue eyes and the blue developing on the underside of the cichlid. I have not seen any pics of Uaru displaying this color, so am I right its not a Uaru or am i mistaken and it is? Thank you so much for any help. Hope the pics are good enough to help, he wouldn't sit still...lol

thumbnail 2.jpg



Giant anubias for trade

Looking for 2-3 inch juvenile Central American cichlids (convicts need not apply- the fish that is :) ) to trade for this giant anubias. It may come with little benign algae eating snails.
I live in Silver Spring MD.


Frontosa Opinions

Hi everyone. I hope this post is easy to understand as I try to describe what I was thinking/what my questions are. Here goes nothing...

1. Have a really nice Frontosa (Pic. 1 ) maybe 3.5-4 inches. Really want to try breeding. Been looking for a female.

2. Go to HOT today and they have a tank full of I would say 5-6 inch that are all looking great. I almost walked past when I saw they were $100 but then something caught my eye. Could it be? Could some of these have egg tubes down...(Pic 2.)

3. Look up Frontosa with egg tube down and come across a thread on Cichlid Forums with a picture that looks EXACTLY like this (Pic 2 and 3.) Get super excited and buy it...get yelled at by gf.

4. Get "her" home...we'll call her.. her for now and I let her chill for a few hours in a 40 breeder...then...add in my guy.

5. So now they are getting to know each other...it goes back and forth between agressive biting then just hanging out together (Pic 4.) From chillin to If I see you on my side of the tank it's on. They are both definitely interested in each others....parts...

Did I do this completely wrong and am gonna end up with 1 floating when I wake up or what...is there a special method for introducing Frontosa to potential mates? If wanting to breed is your only option to buy 8 and put them all in together and see what happens? I don't really have the resources for that so trying to do what I can. Any opinions would be great. I'll put some pics below.





130 Gallon Tank with Glass Tops, Custom Stand, & possibly a Non Matching Canopy Optional

Been awhile since I've been on the forum. I've dealt with several of you in the past.

I have a 130g 72" L x 18" W x 23" H with Glass Tops and a custom built Stand.

It's an older tank but the external plastic portions have been repainted.

I have pictured all the imperfections. The plastic that is broken off was what a previous owner did to fit their filtration system on the tank.

I also have a Canopy that will fit it but it is not the same paint color. The canopy is a Marineland Monterey 72" which is $8-900 brand new.

Only reason for selling is I have a 125g with overflows and my significant other is not allowing multiple large tanks in the house.

$500 for the tank and stand
$200 for the canopy.

I'm firm on these prices and not trying to hide anything. I tried to get pictures of the minor issues.

Due to the Coviid 19 epidemic I think it's best we limit exposure. I can bring the tank and stuff out on my deck in order to look at it. I can also help load it.

If local we may be able to deliver for a fee.

I'm located in Frederick, MD.

Thank you!



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