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Executive Board

Executive board

  • President: Kim Schofield
  • Vice President: Greg O'Neil
  • Recording Secretary: Abby Siegel
  • Treasurer: Open
  • Corresponding Secretary: Open
  •  Member at Large: Eggerton Campbell
  • Member at Large: Frank Cowherd
  • Member at Large: Brett Crump
  • Member at Large: Open
  • Junior Member at Large: Shane Zawwin
  • Technical/Web Support: Marz Koli

Committee Chairs

  • Membership Chair:  Abby Siegel
  • Program Chair: Open
  • Webmaster:  Marz Koli
  • Breeders Award Program:  Sam Darko
  • C.A.R.E.S Program Chair: Open
  • Sponsorship Chair: Open
  • Welcoming Committee Chair: Open
  • Equipment Chair: Open
  • Meeting Location Chair:  Kim Schofield
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    Jul 16, 2016
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CAS Update 5/27/2022

Be sure to grab the fish you want during the summer months when shipping is the easiest.
Aulonocara baenschi Nhkomo Reef (Benga) (Sunshine)
One 3”-inches Male $28.79
Aulonocara sp. "Turkis" (Europe) One 3.5-inches Male $35.12, Two 3-inches males $28.79 each
Aulonocara sp. Rubescens (Reuben Red (Germany) Males look like my German Red One 3.5 inches male $35.12
Otopharynx Lithobates Zimbabwe Rocks Sulfur Head (Germany) (Excellent Color Yellow Blaze Z-Rock) 2.5” Male $21.28
Protomelas taeniolatus Red (Fire Hap) (Super Red Empress One 4.5-inches male $47.40, One 4” ¾ Male $41.49, One 3.75-inches ¾ color males $37.17
Lethrinops sp. Mbasi Creek (Rare) Two 3-inches males $31.91 each
Otopharynx sp. Walteri (Very Rare) (Very slow to show full color) 3.5” ½ color male Regular $37.83, Sale $24.59
Labidochromis caeruleus Lions Cove (Yellow Lab)
Two groups of One 2.75-inches Male plus two 2” Females (Trios) $33.00 each, Clearance Price: $24.75 each,
Cynotilapia zebroides "Cobue" (Orange Top) Rare One group of one 2.75-inches male plus two 2-inches females (trio) Regular 30.00 each trio, Clearance price $15.00 each trio.
Smart Start Complete 12 oz. Bottles. Regular $12.50, Sale $10.00 when added to a fish order or picked up locally.

Sad news. For those of you that remember my short talk about the 285th F.A. O.B. at the CCA fish club near DC a few years back, Harold Billow, the last know living survivor of the Malmedy Massacre passed on May 17. He was 99. I am working on a book about my father who served with this group as the Captian's Driver. Mr. Billow's amazing story is included in my book which I hope to finish and publish this fall.

Cichlids Are Special

Stock list

Stock list until grow outs are finished

-Couple obs
-Dragon blood
-Ob zebra
-Hybrid Zrock of some sort
-Red jewel
($10 per inch) depending on quality and what it is. Will most likely discount them as I’m trying to clear the African tank out

-Couple sydontis
-Pictus cat

-Senegal Bichir

Located in New Windsor

What’s an eyebiter going for?

Around a 6 inch male eyebiter, what would that be going for as a private seller?

FS: Geophagus sveni "Rio Parana"

Young - 1" to 1.5".

6 for $100. Two groups of 6 available.

I will not be at the swap meet on the 11th. Pick-up in Damascus, MD.

I am letting just 2 groups of 6 go to club members. All others will go to local fish stores.

It's come to my attention that a few folks have a reputation for buying fish cheap and "flipping" them at other clubs, on Craigslist & Band, etc. If this is your intention with these fish, please look elsewhere. This kind of activity truly hurts local fish stores.

If your intention is to keep and appreciate these fish, PM me.

Photos of young and parents, below.


Senegal Bichir for sale

I have a Senegal Bichir for sale. I’d say he’s probably 6+ inches. I’m taking best offer just because I’m trying to clear the tank out that he’s in with catfish etc. Im located in New Windsor Md. Shoot me a message and maybe we can set something up!

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