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Executive Board


Executive board


President: Michael O’Shea

Vice President: Shawn Leffler

Recording Secretary: Abby Siegel

Treasurer: Manuel Moro

Corresponding Secretary: Christine Keys

 Member at Large: Charnika Walker

Member at Large: Cory Snyder

Member at Large: Caroline Eppler

Member at Large: Matt Fisher



Committee Chairs


Membership Chair:  Abby Siegel

Program Chair:  Shawn Leffler

Webmaster:  Christine Keys

Breeders Award Program:  Shawn Leffler

C.A.R.E.S Program Chair:  Caroline Eppler

Sponsorship Chair:  Christine Keys

Welcoming Committee Chair: open

Equipment Chair: open

Meeting Location Chair:  Christine Keys


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    Jul 16, 2016
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Recent Threads

Looking for shell dwellers

Hello everyone, Any has multis, similis, or brevis for my new 20 gallon long setup? I'm in Northern VA.

Suggestions are welcome. Thank you

WTB 125 gallon

Hi I am searching for a 125 or a 180.

WTB Ramshorn!!

Need some beneficial Ramshorn if you have em thank!!

Acrylic Tank

Acrylic tank, measures 4' long, 2' wide, 3' tall. Custom 180 Gallons.
Has a welded stand, 4' tall.

PUts the whole thing at eye level. Acrylic is in very good shape. Has an island overflow, with three bulkheads.
Includes lids; No lights, no filter, nothing else.

Want it gone FAST, available in 20904. Its not that heavy -- two guys could do it.

Best reasonable offer by Monday 4PM can have it.

Small Cichlids with guppies and neon tetras

I was wondering are there any small cichlids that could go with guppies and neon tetras. Tank size is 46 gallons, ph is 7.4-7.5 and temp is 78 degrees. If there aren't any small cichlids that would do well what are other interesting fish that would work?

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