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Executive Board


Executive board


President: Michael O’Shea

Vice President: Christine Keys

Recording Secretary: Brett Crump

Treasurer: Charnika Walker

Corresponding Secretary: Rebecca Goldring

 Member at Large: Kim Coates

Member at Large: Matt Easterly

Member at Large: Greg O'Neil

Member at Large: Andrew Schwartz



Committee Chairs


Membership Chair:  Abby Siegel

Program Chair:  Shawn Leffler

Webmaster:  Christine Keys

Breeders Award Program:  Shawn Leffler

C.A.R.E.S Program Chair:  Caroline Eppler

Sponsorship Chair:  Christine Keys

Welcoming Committee Chair: open

Equipment Chair: open

Meeting Location Chair:  Christine Keys


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    Jul 16, 2016
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Apistogramma all male tank

Anyone successfully keep an all male apisto tank of different species with other community fish?


I have decided to rehome my paracyprichromis . They are wild caught and there are 5 of them. 3M/2F. They have spawned once. I am moving them because the tank is overcrowded. I am looking for 100 for the group.image4.jpeg0.jpg

Home-bred Tiger King Cobra Guppies

I can part with a couple of trios or pairs. PM if you're interested. Loc: Germantown, MD.

Change the quality to 1080 HD.

Baby Brine Shrimp

I've been considering setting up one or two BBS cultures. I've had a lot of tetras spawning lately and keeping fry fed can be difficult. It's been nearly 20 years since I last did this and I don't remember much about it other than we used to add a pipette of bleach to each batch and we set up fresh cultures every day or so because they're only nutritious within the first day of hatching. I also remember that they SMELLED if the culture went off in any way (not excited about that part.

Has anyone here been doing this regularly? What tips do you have? What equipment do you recommend?

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