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Executive Board

Executive board

  • President: Carol Shin
  • Vice President: Greg O'Neil
  • Recording Secretary: Abby Siegel
  • Treasurer: Mark Kaprow
  • Corresponding Secretary: Open
  • Member at Large: Eggerton Campbell
  • Member at Large: Frank Cowherd
  • Member at Large: Brett Crump
  • Member at Large: Scott Seronello
  • Junior Member at Large: Shane Zawwin
  • Technical/Web Support: Marz Koli

Committee Chairs

  • Membership Chair:  Abby Siegel
  • Program Chair: Open
  • Webmaster:  Marz Koli
  • Breeders Award Program:  Sam Darko
  • C.A.R.E.S Program Chair: Christine Keys
  • Sponsorship Chair: Open
  • Welcoming Committee Chair: Open
  • Equipment Chair: Open
  • Meeting Location Chair:  Kim Schofield
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    Jul 16, 2016
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Recent Threads

Live Blackworms!

Yes, you read that correctly. We FINALLY have another pound of blackworms in stock and selling them for $8 per 1 oz portions. Come by and get yours while you can and check out our amazing inventory too! We are located at:

3404 Idaho Ave NW

Washington DC 20016

We will be open 11-7pm everyday except Monday, May 27th so we can observe/ respect all the men and women who died, fighting for our country on Memorial Day. 20% off to all Military People this weekend too on all live goods this weekend only! See you soon :)

ISO: Plant Trimmings

I have a 220-gallon tank that I am planning on planting. As the aquarium is so big I trying to get a head start on getting the plants together. I am looking to take the plant trimmings and propagate them as much as possible to help with filling the tank. Thought I would go local to see what people had before looking at websites.

Some of the plants that I had in mind are listed below:

Monte Carlo
Dwarf hair grass
Lobelia Cardinalis Mini
Anubias Petite
Java Fern
Rotala rotundifolia
Pogostemon Stellatus
Ludwigia palustris Super red
Any Stem plants
Christmas Moss or any mosses

In general, any spare trimmings anyone has would be welcome.

Thank you very much

New WC Apistogramma from Perú, they will arrive soon

Hello everyone, this is a great opportunity, I wanted to share that a good batch of WC Apistogramma will soon arrive that has not arrived in this country for a long time. If anyone is interested, let me know so I can give you more details so you can make your reservations. They will all be of good quality. They will arrive on the 29th. May and will be available in mid-June.

The list is the following:

WC Apistogramma sp. Rocafuerte
WC Apistogramma sp. Shaly
WC Apistogramma wolli
WC Apistogramma sp. Morona
WC Apistogramma luelingi
WC Apistogramma sp. Tabatinga
WC Apistogramma sp. Cruzeiro
WC Apistogramma sp. Ipiramga
WC Apistogramma megastoma
WC Apistogramma barlowi


125 Gallon Cichlid Breeder's dream

125 Gallon tank and stand, plus the following accessories: 1x Eheim 200 W Heater 2 x Ziss Breeding Baskets Fluval Breeding Basket 2 x air pumps 125-gallon tank with stand Glass lid 48” Beamswork Light 2 FX6 filters 500W
Finnex Heater Lee's specimen containers 100 feet of Python cleaning tubes Will throw in additional open containers of Seachem Safe de-chlorinator and other water treatment supplies. Successfully bred Star Sapphire (Placidochromis sp. Phenochilus Tanzania) Cichlids with this setup.

Arlington, VA

Aquarium supplies for sale this Sat. 18

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