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BFD 2016 Auction Volunteers


Past CCA President

One of the highlights of the event is the Saturday evening Rare Fish Auction. Like most live auctions, we will need volunteers to help run bags. Volunteering is fun, as you get to meet folks, be involved in the auction, and you don't miss anything!

Please post up here if you'd be willing to help out.

Also, we will need several folks to help us catch and bag fish from the holding tanks prior to the auction starting. Most fish will need to be bagged prior to Chris Biggs' talk, and it usually takes a couple of hours to bag everything up. So, if you are skilled with a net and have time during the dinner break, please help out.

Post up here if you can assist.



I'm free to help with catching/bagging. Probably running too.

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Past President
Thanks guys! I'll be in the auction room a few hours before the auction, so I'll keep an eye out for people and grab them as needed. I know everyone signed up so far, but anyone else feel free to find me at the event.