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  1. LiluDallas


    How do I go about volunteering at the BFD?
  2. Felipe Castellanos

    WTB: Large Java Ferns

    Hi, I have been looking for large Java Ferns for a while now, but I haven’t looked in this forum. I would like large plants and about three or four “bunches” worth, or maybe more. I would really appreciate it if you contacted me. I will be attending the BFD, this year and I live in Rockville...
  3. Reed

    BFD 5

    Will be there, I read the news letter. Looking forward to my 5th BFD
  4. D-money


    Cant wait for the BFD 5..:D
  5. Pat Kelly

    The BFD March 10-12, 2017

    March 10-12, 2017 The BIG Fish Deal #5
  6. jstlstn

    Thank you BFD

    Okay so the BFD was a couple of weeks ago now and I am finally posting about how good a time I had. I am just getting into the hobby after keeping fish as a kid. I learned a lot and met some nice people. Since I am not all that comfortable around large crowds especially when I don’t know...
  7. jonclark96

    BFD Auction

    CCA I've received feedback from several people regarding the Rare Fish Auction and some things that occurred that were offensive to some. Please accept my apology if you were offended. Understand that it was never anyone's intent to upset anyone. We will make sure that going forward, some...
  8. jonclark96

    What Did You Get at The BFD?

    So, what did everyone get at the BFD? I told myself that I wasn't going to spend a lot of money on fish this year, but who was I kidding? I picked up some really awesome stuff: - pair of heros liberifer (a mouthbrooding severum) - male Rio Tempisque siquia - the oxydoras niger cat from...
  9. C

    WTB at BFD Marketplace

    Will anyone have these African cichlids at the BFD Marketplace on Sunday male flavescent/blue neon and male black calvus both at the size of 2.5"-4"?
  10. D

    BFD Photos

    Can we use this thread to capture photos from BFD - Fish, setups, equipments, 'stuff', attending members... if you are at BFD and if you took some pics just share it here... Cheers!!
  11. A

    Friday night at BFD

    After looking at the itinerary I'm sort of confused on what to expect to see tomorrow night. Will there actually be fish on display or only in the marketplace on Sunday? I have pre-ordered a fish from one of our vendors here and I would like to come tomorrow but I am wondering if there would be...
  12. npbarca

    FS: can bring to BFD

    1.5" Red shoulder juvies-4$ each 1 " Taiwan reef juvies-4$ each 3F/1M Metriaclima Cyneusmarginatus "Nkhomo Reef" F1-45$ 1M/2F 2.5-3" Red shoulder peacocks-25$ 1M/2F WC full grown Tropheops sp "Mauve Yellow"-75$ and I have juvies for these guys to make a nice group
  13. DiscusnAfricans

    Free stuff for BFD

    I can bring the following to the BFD saturday and sunday. Preference given to club members. 4' black shop light, dual bulb; ballast issue likely, bulbs cut off an on intermittently (bulbs not included) tank divider for 29g or 55g; There may be missing pieces, but it should mostly be there...
  14. Rasta Fish

    Can bring to BFD

    Large male iceberg electric blue ahli - $40
  15. DiscusnAfricans

    Imperial Tropicals Group Buy for delivery to BFD

    Time is short, but Mike of Imperial Tropicals is allowing any BFD attendees to order fish from their website and have them delivered to the BFD. Imperial Tropicals is sending us a generous group of donations, and they're offering 10% off for anything ordered. Enter promo code BIG FISH DEAL...
  16. jonclark96

    LATE BREAKING Pre-Order for The BFD - Aqua-Pharm

    Folks: We have a late breaking pre-order from our generous sponsor Aqua-Pharm! Here's the skinny: 1. Go to Aqua-Pharm's website at http://aqua-pharm.com/ and make an order as you normally would. 2. At checkout, use the code BFD20. 3. This code will give you 20% off your order, plus...
  17. dogofwar

    BFD - Help with Kids Decorating Contest

    Wanted to see if folks could assist with the Kids Decorating Contest. Here's where we could use some help: - Set-up on Friday night (~6 PM) - 1 person (Lucas/Forester can you make it)? - Donation Fish (Josh and Becca are donating fish) - Can you bring them on Friday evening or Saturday AM...
  18. Termato

    FS: Various Cichlids and school of loaches. BFD or Regular pick up.

    I have the following fish available. Clearing some room up for my new breeding racks. It's really hard because I love all these little guys. You can either pick them up during the week (Rockville, MD) or we can meet at the BFD. I'll be there all three days. Cichlids Four Medium Varied Angelfish...
  19. H

    HoleyRockofTexas BFD Sale List

    Here is a list of items I plan to or can bring to the BFD this weekend. I will bring rock and caves but fish might be limited availability unless requested. See You all there. Texas Holey Rock ranging from 3 to 60 lbs. Most rocks $2.50 and lbs. African Cichlids $20 minimum on...
  20. ChuckSon_NB

    My BFD Sale List

    Hello CCA, Here is the Chuck_Sons Pets "The Big Fish Deal" Price List. I am also open to selling any fish this week so BFD will be the last day any of these fish are available. I'll be in a bit of a hurry that day so to make transactions as smooth and quickly as possible I will have all of the...