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BFD Vendor Tables


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Hey folks:

We are a week away from The Big Fish Deal! There are still several tables left to rent on Sunday, so if you want one, get it now!

Here's a list of vendors so far:

Invertebrates by MsJinkzd
Batfish Aquatics
Tangled Up In Cichlids
Your Fish Stuff
Frank Cowherd's Aquatic Life Farm
Cichlids Are Special
Pat Kelly
Larry Tagrin
Reed Gilbert
Jen Williams
Nekos Brown
Holey Rock of Texas
Victor Almeida
David Sombach
Lane Kelly
Andrew Schwartz
Brennen Wright
William Peragine
Gary Haas
Karen Haas
Michael Barber


Past CCA President
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Only a couple of tables left! Please get yours reserved today!

If you have already reserved a table, and think you may want more space, please let me know via PM.