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Meeting this weekend - register your auction items!


Past CCA President
Hey folks,

There are already a few items listed for the auction at the meeting this Saturday, but I know there has to be some more out there. Don't forget to get them registered in Mygroupauctions.com.

What do you have to bring?


CCA Member
Dwarf Cichlids!?

Hello all!

First off I'd like to thank Jose Ramirez for encouraging me to come to this weekends meeting. I hope to join this amazing group of hobbyist. Let me tell you all a little bit about myself, and then I'll move onto something I think is exciting!

My name is Nate Sullivan, and I am 23 years old. I have been in the hobby ever since I could remember my father started me out with a twenty gallon tall at five years old and I've kept it going. Over the years as my experience and knowledge has increased I've ran the gambit of tank types from community setups, large cichlids, and now dwarf cichlids particularly Apistogramma species. I currently keep and breed Ap. Cacatuoides, Ap Sp. Winkelfleck, Ap. Atahualpa, Ap. Agassizii, Ap. Paulmulleri, and Ap. Macmasteri.

Jose encouraged me to post on the forums before the upcoming meeting to inform you all that he is buying several Ap. Cacatuoides from me and also to see if there was any interest among the association for more. If you'd like me to bring you fish please let me know ASAP. Pricing is as follows:

Unsexed Individual: $5.00
Sexed Individual: $15.00
Sexed Pair: $30.00
Harem: (1 male 2 females) $40.00 +$10.00 per additional female
Group of six unsexed Individuals: $50.00

I hope this post is within the rules of your webpage as set by the admins. If not please remove it and know that I apologize and was ignorant of the fact. I look forward to the prospect of meeting you all and potentially joining your organization. You can contact me here or via my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SevernRunAquatics/ and lastly by phone at 443-942-8008. Thanks, and see you Saturday!