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  1. Acara19

    February 2018 meeting?

    is there going to be a meeting this month? if so, when? where? what time? is it going to be at JFK highschool again?
  2. dogofwar

    CCY June 25 Meeting - William Peragine on Starting a Planted Tank - Who's Going?

    Who's going to the CCY June 25 meeting? Starts at 2 PM. William Peragine will be speaking on starting a planted tank. I call him the Apisto-whisperer because of his success with Apistos and other dwarf cichlids :) Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to make it (too many kids events that...
  3. jonclark96

    Missing the Meeting :(

    CCA Family: Unfortunately, I've had some conflicts pop up and I will not be able to attend the meeting. I'm super bummed, as I was looking forward to Jonathan's talk. Have a great time and I hope to see everyone at the Picnic! Jon
  4. J

    Order Deadline for June 11 Meeting

    Please complete your orders for the June 11 Meeting on www.cichlidsarespecial.com by Thursday June 9 at 8:00 pm. This is the last chance to have me deliver fish to a meeting until September. Jay
  5. A

    Mystic white pfs deliver to meeting

    Anyone driving past crofton that could pick up 2 bags for me? I can call Danny's and pay in advance. New tank will be ready to scape Saturday and I used all my supply on the last tank.
  6. A

    Group buy for June meeting Anyone? Rapps or COA.

    Would anyone be interested in doing this? How do these group buys generally work? I'm assuming we would put in individual orders and then split shipping to one of the group buyers residence the day of or day before the meeting?
  7. A

    WTB severums at June meeting

    Anyone have any Severums for sale? Looking for Rotkeils, Super reds, Notatus, or Inridia. I would like to purchase 2-3 fish total.
  8. msjinkzd

    See you at the June Meeting!

    Hey guys, as always, email me (msjinkzd@gmail.com) and let me know if I can bring you anything. I have some INCREDIBLE show pieces of manzanita as well, but my hand truck went missing so I won't be bringing wood into the meeting, but can have it in my car for you to look through. Also have the...
  9. J

    6/4/2016 Web Site Highlights/ Delivery to 6/11 Meeting

    Web Site Highlights for as of 06/04/2016: Prices are on www.cichlidsarespecial.com Aulonocara Peacocks: Maleri Orange: Five 2.5†Males, Two 3†Males, One 1.5†Sex Uncertain Six Pack, One 2†Sex Uncertain Six Pack Huseri: One 1.5†Sex Uncertain Six Pack, One 1†Sex Uncertain Six Pack...
  10. J

    June 11 Meeting

    I hope to be able to deliver fish to the June Meeting. So far I have one order and I need at least an additional order of $30 or so to make the trip. Keep in mind, this is the last meeting until September. When there is no meetings, the only other option is for you to come to York for a pick up...
  11. verbal

    PVAS Meeting June 4th - Jen Williams - "Aquascaping for Average People"

    Want to know more about how to make a beautiful planted tank? Attending this talk will be a great place to start. Meeting is open to the public. Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1215548538455909/ Speaker bio for those who don't know her already: "I got my first tank...
  12. mchambers

    Great May Meeting

    Thanks to our speakers, Don Danko and Brian Siegel, who were very good! Don had some interesting ways to automate a fish room and Brian's talk on breeding octopi/octopuses was fascinating! I'm just disappointed that there were no octopi in the auction :D, which was otherwise a very good auction.
  13. chriscoli

    May Meeting - My Group Auctions

    Looks like there are a few items in there already. Keep it up! What are YOU bringing?
  14. J

    May Meeting Delivery Available

    I will be bringing fish to the parking area for this month's meeting (May 14) around 1;30 to 1:45 pm. If you have not ordered and would like to order fish for this delivery, please do so from the web site by Thursday May 12 at 8:00 pm. Thank you CCA members for your continued support, Jay
  15. msjinkzd

    I will be at the May meeting!

    Hey guys! I will be heading down for the May meeting and can bring things if you want. Email (msjinkzd@gmail.com) is best (or this thread), rather than PM. My stocklist is here, with a few more things coming out of QT by the weekend. Also, as a heads up, a really nice pallet of manzi is...
  16. JLW

    Pre Orders for the CCA Meeting

    http://www.batfishaquatics.com/preorder.php Hey folks, Our new pre order list is up! Be sure to click the link to see the second page, as well! :)
  17. J

    May Meeting

    I have no orders so far for the May meeting. I have one fish I owe one person. I really could use $50 worth of orders so I can deliver this one fish to the meeting. If I get enough orders, I may also drop off some donation fish for the auction. I am working on this weeks update. Busy week, I...
  18. D

    Can deliver to May 14 meeting

    Don Danko, 216-577-7705 African Cichlids Tropheus sp. Bemba 3/4" $10 each Enantiopius melanogenys 1-1.25" $10 each 2 Cyathopharynx foae "Kachese" Featherfins approx. 2-2.25" $30 for Two MAY BE SPOKEN FOR 7 Ophthalmotilapia ventralis Mpimbwe "Silver Streak", approx. 2" $12 each MAY BE SPOKEN...
  19. Termato

    GWAPA Meeting @ The Fish Apartment

    Hey Everyone, I'm having the GWAPA Meeting at my place this month. It'll be Sunday, May 22nd at 1pm. My apartment is located at: 5405 Tuckerman Lane Apartment 926 Rockville, MD 20852 I'll post more information on the meeting as it comes up! Hope to see some of you here.
  20. JasonC

    Help needed: May Meeting AV...

    Hey folks, I am not going to be able to make it to the May meeting. I need someone to volunteer to help with the AV in my absence. I, at least need, someone who will be willing to meet me sometime mid next week to get the AV gear from me, transport it to and from the meeting, and then meet me...