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invert junkie
Staff member
Hey guys, as always, email me (msjinkzd@gmail.com) and let me know if I can bring you anything. I have some INCREDIBLE show pieces of manzanita as well, but my hand truck went missing so I won't be bringing wood into the meeting, but can have it in my car for you to look through. Also have the dragonstone available, which is incredible.
Red rili (home bred) young $2.50
Sakura grade Cherry shrimp (home bred, young) $4
Amano shrimp $3
Assassin snails $2
Green horned nerite $2
Bumble bee nerite $2.50
Zebra nerite $2
Limnopilos naiyanetri (micro crabs) $4, few
Plecos and Catfish:
L66 Hypancistrus, 4 available $45/ea
L450 $30,7available
Hara jerdoni (mini moth catfish) $4.50
Corydoras pygmaeus $2.50
Corydoras habrosus $2.50, FEW
Otocinclus $2.50
Farlowella catfish $8
Schooling fish- Tetras, Danios, Barbs and Rasboras

Tancichthys albonubes (White Cloud) $1.50
Meteor minnow (LF White clouds) $6.50
Nannostomus eques (diptail/hockeystick pencilfish) $2.50
Hyphessobrycon flammeus (Orange flame tetra) $2.50
Rummynose tetras $2.50
Green Neons (Paracheirodon simulans) $2.50
Brevibora dorsiocellata (emerald eye rasbora) $2, few
Glowlight rasboras (Trigonostigma hengeli) $1.50
Microdevario nanus $4
Danionella translucinda $3.50
Boraras uropthalmoides $1.50
Boraras merah (Phoenix microrasbora) $2
Odessa/Crystal red barbs (Pethia padamya) $4
Schistura balteata (Tri banded orange sumo loach)- $5
Petruichthys sp. Rosy “Rosy loach” $4.50
Hillstream Loaches and friends
Panda garra (Garra flavatra) $11
Sewellia sp “spotted pearl” $10, PENDING
Cobitis sp. cf sinensis $6
Rhinogobious henchuensis, $20/pair
Stiphodon semoni $9
Badis burmanicus/ruber $4.50

Manzanita driftwood- priced by the piece, pickup only. Email for appointments
Dragonstone/Ohko Aquascaping Stone $4.50/lb

Plants and leaves

Almond leaves $.50/ea
Java moss $4/golfball
Bucephelandra– In stock!! $15/rhizome (15+ leaves)-
Mini Catherine
Mini Velvet
Black Nanga mahap
Green Godzilla
Dark Green biblis
Mini Sekadav velvet
Velvet Green
Kapuas hulu
Elegant Blue


invert junkie
Staff member
hmmm, i really like them all. I chose caterine and kapuas hulu for my tank. The black nanga is also really unique. My price for the green godzilla is about 1/3 market value, as its a rarer type.