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Just when you thought you didn't have enough places to go to shop for new fish, here you go!

The James River Aquarium Society is holding their FIRST All-Day Auction,
down in Richmond.

The Date: OCTOBER 17, saturday,

The Location: The Va dept of game and Inland fisheries building

address: 7870 Villa Park Drive, Henrico, Va 23228

We should start having items posted shortly.

some of the cichlids that will be in the auction:

pair burjurquina vittata
pair Paralabidochromis sp Uganda 'Fire'
pair hap. 'all red' (from laif demason)
pair Protomelas marginatus
pair Protomelas taeniolatus Red Empress
3 Blue dolphin moori
5 psuedotropheus cyaneorhabdos mainganos
5 Geophagus Red head tapajos
5 Pundamilia macrophala
3 Lge Smokey Pinoy Angels
14" Flower Ray

This is a taste of some of the fish we will have in the auction..

We have many brand new dry goods as well....
Fish foods, egg tumblers, tanks, lights, complete kits,
Raffles and much much more....

The Auction will be run through MYGROUPAUCTIONS.

visit our website www.jras.org, or facebook us for rules, sponsors and up to the minute notices on the auction.

thanks from your sister society just a little south...

PS... carpool,,,,its about 2 hours from the upper dc area, with regular traffic.

pre-auction flyer revised_std.jpg

map for back of postcard_std.jpg


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Coming from someone that does it 2 sometimes three times a month myself to come up for cca, pvas, gwapa, meetings 2 hours go by quickly.
also, if you travel up in groups, the conversations make it fun and quick.
not to mention, engaging when there are personal opinions on different forms of fish keeping
makes for a fun day.


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Please note the location of the auction has changed:

8007 A Mechanicsville Turnpike,
Mechanicsville Va 23111


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Thanks Jesse...
here is the corrected flyer and map...
although the map was ok before,,, the address was a bit off.

pre-auction flyer revised_std.jpg

new map_std.jpg


I am travelling for work this week but hope to be able to go. If work cooperates, I will be bringing 2 breeding groups of Pelmatochromis buettikoferi, a couple groups of Steatocranus tinanti, some 2-3" p. dovii juvies, and a couple blue marble Paraiba angel pairs.


The trip to this location is 2 hours from Reston. Too much for me. Anyone going for this auction from the Reston/ Herndon area? Wouldn't mind car pooling. I have a 10g tank and some stuff to donate.



Past CCA President
I think Michael Barber (MAB on the forum) has a carpool heading down. Contact him to see if you can catch a ride.