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  1. LiluDallas


    Ive been doing a lot of research on substrateo_O. im interested in a low tech plant/fish aquarium. A lot of the plants im interested in receive their nutrients from the water column. I might end up with a few that feed from the roots. What substrate can I use that wont rob my bank account?:) no...
  2. H

    Green Terror/Gold Saum fry

    My terrors bred in January and all of the fry are large enough to go to new homes. They're still too small to identify the sex. The male is a balloon/dwarf GT and the female is normal GT, so I have no idea if the offspring will be balloons or not, but none of them look to me like they have the...
  3. Drmavis

    Aquarium braces - urgent help needed

    I have a 210 gallon aquarium (7' x 2' x 2.5') and tonight all of a sudden the 2 braces broke off and fell in the tank. The braces were at ~28 inches and ~56 inches. From what I have read, this could be a sign of aquarium bowing and impending failure, so I am draining half of the water and moving...
  4. W

    For Sale: Curved Glass 95G Aquarium

    This is not a typical box fish tank. The aquarium is curved glass and approximately 95G (4' L x approx 19" W x approx 25" H). The price includes the furniture quality stand and canopy (rich cherry color) as well as the sump (oceanic) and pump (mag-drive). The canopy has a built in feeder hole so...
  5. Tannin Aquatics

    Cutting your own path. The igarape as an aquarium subject?

    Have you ever heard of an igarape before? It translates roughly as "canoe road" in the Hengatu dialect of the Tupi language (spoken all over the Western Amazon region), and that's just what it is: A little jungle stream that is used by indigenous people in Brazil to navigate through the rain...
  6. gravel_digger

    Possible Relocation of Beltway Aquarium to Waldorf

    got word yesterday that Rich is relocating to the Waldorf area in the shopping center when Burlington is located. I know he is not the nicest or that his store can be a mess at time but he still gets the tank busters into his store. I was curious if anyone else has seen this I have not been by...
  7. BigPoecilia

    AllGlass 54 gal. Bow Front Corner Aquarium

    Hi there, I have an Allglass 54 gal. Bow front corner tank for sale. Stand, light fixture, and glass top included. No leaks. Price is 150.00. Here is a video of the inside of the tank. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLhWmPmr4gc. For some reason I'm having trouble uploading a picture, but i...
  8. M

    Custom aquarium for sale

    After seeing Joey's presentation at the big fish deal this year I was inspired to see what I could come up with! This is my very first one and it works! It's been set up for about a month now and no leaks. It's a glass 11 gallon aquarium with sliding glass lids, and solid quilted maple trim all...
  9. D

    Aquarium Lights for Sale

    Have the following lights available. Can deliver to the meeting next weekend. - Coralife T5 fixture 48" long. Double bulbs, one is a Fluval flora bulb. $25. - Deep Blue Solarmax HE 48" T5 Fixture with a single bulb. Bulb is a Flora bulb. Nice condition. $20. - Two 36" woodgrained...
  10. leighn

    Aquarium filteration parts

    Upgrade my main tank and have a acrylic wet/ dry sump with bio balls and two little gaint pumps for sell. Acrylic sump is a 75 gallon sump all bulk heads are on it. Asking 150 for it 2 little gaint pumps that I used to flow my 300 gallon tank. Asking 50 a piece. Contact Nate at 2402297292
  11. Tannin Aquatics

    Out of the aquarium- onto the soapbox!

    Before we get too far into this, I want to point out that todays piece is strictly MY OPINION. It's editorial in nature, and you may even find it offensive. For that, I actually don't apologize. I wanted to say a few things that have been on my mind of late, and some of them are highly...
  12. J

    My aquarium monitoring project

    Purpose: I am a huge techy/geek who loves gadgets and this is how I keep myself occupied so I don't do stupid things Goal: Sensor based modular monitoring (possibly automation) system that will allow for monitoring just a few tanks to entire fish rooms. Sensors will be driven by arduino...
  13. chriscoli

    Aquarium Beautiful video by Pectec

    Pectec posted this today! Great memories, I love seeing everyone. http://youtu.be/4Ms3mIsUhis Sent from my iPhone using MonsterAquariaNetwork app
  14. Tannin Aquatics

    That "other" benefit of routine aquarium maintenance...

    Have you noticed that, after you change the water in your tank, it just sort of takes on a....sparkle-or something? Like that "healthy glow" on a beautiful woman's face when she's happy (sorry for the utterly chauvinistic example, but I AM a guy- and that came to mind quickly at 6:30AM...), an...
  15. unknown_saint

    wtb: 48" aquarium with stand

    looking for a 48" aquarium, with a stand. not particular about whether the stand is wood or metal, or what it looks like, as long as it will hold the tank. nor do i really care if the tank is a 55, 75, or whatever other sizes happen to be 4' long. if you have lids/lights/etc. you're wanting to...
  16. MontelBoom

    Beltway aquarium closing?

    A little heads up for those who didn't know. Beltway Plaza's aquarium store is closing and most of their stock is 50% off.
  17. ddavila06

    Aquarium supplies-delivery to pvas ok, trades welcome

    Hey guys, I know big fish deal just happened, but in case you didn't have enough, well..read here: "I still have a lot of stuff from my fish room and Nagesh's that I can bring along to PVAS next saturday:" 48inch T5NO Coralife Aqualight,2 bulb light fixture, working and in great shape, but...
  18. Tannin Aquatics

    "Rights of passage" in the aquarium hobby...

    Seems like just about everything we do in aquarium keeping invloves some sort of "right of passage", or "barrier to entry" before you achieve exactly what you want to achieve, right? see this with crystal clarity with the "New Botanical" style aquariums we espouse so much here: A week or...
  19. A

    Aquarium Center?

    Does anyone know if that place is still there? I remember years ago it was a pretty good store but I haven't been in almost a decade. I looked it up but reviews I found seemed outdated and sounds like it went downhill at some point.
  20. captmicha

    55 Gallon Aquarium fish tank with supplies Olney, MD

    I'm selling a used tank that holds water. It comes with a heater, air pump, airstone and air line, and an Aqua Tech filter rated for 30-60 gallons. I have other aquariums and supplies for sale. I'm about 15 minutes away from where meetings are held.