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  1. A

    Fish sitter needed

    I'm getting married in just under a year. We have decided to do a 2-3 week honeymoon in south america which means while we are exploring the jungle I will need someone to watch my fish. Looking for a solid recommendation for someone willing to stop by every other day or so to feed the fish...
  2. J

    Aqua Clear 110 Lid Needed

    I know this is an odd request but I have a 110 hob without a lid does anyone have a lid laying around with no filter? Thanks.
  3. JasonC

    Help needed: May Meeting AV...

    Hey folks, I am not going to be able to make it to the May meeting. I need someone to volunteer to help with the AV in my absence. I, at least need, someone who will be willing to meet me sometime mid next week to get the AV gear from me, transport it to and from the meeting, and then meet me...
  4. SRAquatics

    Supplies Needed!

    I'm doing some major upgrades to my FishRoom however as I am Still a student and only working part time funds are scarce. Does anyone have extra airline tubing, a large air pump strong enough for 15-20 tanks, extra pvc, or air control valves lying around? If you've got FishRoom related stuff...
  5. jonclark96

    Volunteers Needed - Set Up

    Hey folks - We'll need a couple of able bodied folks to assist with set up this year. I'm still waiting to hear back from the hotel as to how early we can get in to access the ball room, but it would be great if we can get some folks to help set up racks/tanks, organize raffles, etc. Please...
  6. jonclark96

    Needed for The BFD - Shop Lights

    Hey CCA: We are going to have several racks set up for fish donations this year. We'd like to have lighting on all of the tanks so that we can show off all of the awesome donations we are getting this year. To that end, we are in need of 6-8 4 foot shop lights to use on the racks. If you...
  7. chriscoli

    BFD 2016 registration desk volunteers needed

    Hey Everyone! Thank you to the people who volunteered to help me at the registration desk at the last meeting. Here's how the schedule stands right now. Please let me know if you're able to help for a shift or two. I only need one or two people helping in any given time slot. Friday March 4th...
  8. jonclark96

    NEEDED - Someone to pick up BFD Speakers from Dulles Airport

    As discussed in the meeting, we have at least one speaker coming into Dulles Airport. Is there anyone who can volunteer to pick up the speaker and bring them to the hotel on Friday? PM for details. Thanks, Jon
  9. R

    Advice needed please

    What's the best treatment for Skinny Disease/ Wasting Disease?....I have Peacocks and Haps.....I'll be quiet and listen to you guys....Thanks in advance for any help you can give
  10. chriscoli

    Hospitality/Refreshment Chair Needed - Please Volunteer!

    Hospitality/Refreshment Chair Needed - Please Volunteer! We need someone (or a few people) to volunteer to handle the refreshment setup at our monthly meetings. Sammy has been doing this for several years and it's time to give her a break. This job involves the following duties: - Starting...
  11. Localzoo

    Help body shop workers needed

    Ok so calling all body shop workers. I've got a very serious paint job needed. I've got the know how but not the place or equipment. I got an old radio flyer tricycle that I got from the thrift store I want to modify and paint for my daughter. With this kind of paint job but more purple Sent...
  12. chriscoli

    BFD Volunteer needed

    Hey, do we have anybody that's really good at calling companies and asking for donations? We have a list of companies that have already received an email, but I need to work with a few folks that can help follow up with a phone call. If I can divide up the list with a few people it'll go...
  13. chriscoli

    Volunteers needed for The Big Fish Deal (AquaMania 3)

    Hey CCA Folks! We're getting to the point where I'm interested in knowing who is going to be able to help out for our upcoming Big Fish Deal! Please reply here or send me a PM if you're interested in helping out for anything in particular. This is your chance to contribute and influence how...
  14. J

    Orders needed

    I really would like to come to this meeting to hear Steve's talk; but so far I have no orders. I need orders to offset the cost of the drive and the cost for nurses to cover my wife. If I do no receive enough orders by Sunday September 7 at 8:00 p.m., I will not be able to come to this meeting...
  15. J

    Donations needed for 3 community center tanks

    All, I have found three community resource centers in NoVA that would like fish tanks. They are all at affordable housing communities run by Wesley Housing, of which I am Chairman of the Board. This is a direct result of a tank donation by Sherry Mitchell (a Wesley Housing Board member) to one...
  16. mchambers

    Eheim 2227 advice needed

    I recently purchased an Eheim 2227 on eBay and installed it last weekend. To my relief, the wet/dry chamber does empty and refill. Unfortunately, however, the air from that chamber is then expelled through the outflow tubing through the spray bar. It makes the filter very noisy. I don't think...
  17. spazmattik

    another ID needed :p

    picked this guy up as a convict for 2.80 at petsmart. i posted this on mfk and so far have a split decision. some are saying flowerhorn, some say midas/devil...its about 2.5 inches what say you good people?
  18. impala_man2003

    WTB Doviis needed

    Any one have ne Dovii for sale of trade let me know Sent from my iPhone using MonsterAquariaNetwork app
  19. impala_man2003

    Id help needed

    I'd please Sent from my iPhone using MonsterAquariaNetwork app
  20. A

    Black ghost knife info needed

    I'm thinking about getting a black ghost knife for my 120 gallon. Dimensions are 48" long 24"wide and I think its 24 or 26" high? Anyway from my research it seems like he will be OK with 1-severum 1-blood parrot 1-jack Dempsey 1-cutteri cichlid 1-kirin parrot 1-common pleco 8-12-rainbow fish...