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  1. A

    Jumbo discus as HOT

    Anyone else seen these? A guy bought one when I was in there today. Very pretty and prob the Biggest discus I've personally seen but $300 a piece! They were wild caught.
  2. A

    Malaysian driftwood from HOT

    Anyone purchased this stuff in the past? I've been soaking it in buckets for 2 months and it's still leaching tannins like crazy. Something tells me this isn't really Malaysian driftwood but something like mopani instead which seems to leach almost indefinitely. I paid a mint for this driftwood...
  3. JLW

    Snowed in? This pre order list is hot enough to melt snow!

    Hey folks! Are you caught in the snow? Check out this awesome list we just posted: http://www.batfishaquatics.com/preorder.php You've got until WEDNESDAY to order, and fish may be picked up at either GWAPA or PVAS. We'll have a new and different list up for the February meeting of CCA, but...
  4. DiscusnAfricans

    HOT highlights

    Stopped by HOT yesterday to pick up some live food, and saw a lot of nice fish available. Some highlights include: Geophagus Surinamensis Apistogramma viejita Aulonocara Koningsi Pseudotropheus sp. polit L-066 King Tiger Plecos L-046 Zebra Plecos Variety of nice Discus Electric blue...
  5. DiscusnAfricans

    HOT commercial

    I was watching the season premiere of Tanked last night, and I happened to catch a commercial for House of Tropicals. Anyone see it? Its the first time I can remember seeing the commercial, but it seemed an appropriate show to use the commercial. I think the youtube video below might be the...
  6. longstocking


    Just thought I'd let you all know ... I know late notice there will be a few donations from HOT this month for the auction! What... I am not telling :angel2::p But I will give hints... They are alive... and they are NEW WORLD. If someone could add them to the auction registration for me...
  7. fishman13

    Hot or cold

    Wich do you think tastes better Hot or cold pizza? I think if its supposed to be hot it needs to be hot. I hate cold pizza
  8. mscichlid

    Apistos at HOT

    Agassizii dbl red Stendachteri Borelli Viejita Macmasteri Hongsloi Cacatuoides dbl red and orange Trifasciata Panduro Nijsenni Eunotus
  9. Prince

    Thanks again H.O.T. And Sarah

    Thanks for the help choosing the Firemouths. Today my son and I found a fry cloud in the tank. We are going to work on keeping them alive because now I want some. Sent from my iPhone using MonsterAquariaNetwork app
  10. neoprodigy


    my kids won this 10 gallon setup
  11. Prince

    Stopped by H.O.T. today after work.....

    I stopped by HOT today after work and ran into Sarah. On an impulse I bought two of these. Awesome!:D. Can't wait to set the tank up tomorrow:D.
  12. longstocking

    New @ HOT

    I'm going in tonight but I know they are getting in a large shipment of Africans in this afternoon :jumpy: I got to help pick the selection... so, there will be cichlids that they usually don't carry!
  13. Pat Kelly

    Headed out to Hot tonight.

    Since the store has been supporting us I think I will run down there around 5 or 530 tonight and check out the latest items. I need to check out the filters for the tank give away next Saturday. Just need to decide if I am going to go there first or stop for dinner first.
  14. Beeman

    HOT discount

    I'm heading over to HOT later this week. I understand from prior posts that CCA members get a discount there. How do you show that you are indeed a member, or do they simple take your word for it? Or by proudly and boldly wearing my new CCA t-shirt:jumpy:, will that do?
  15. longstocking

    Cichlids and others @ HOT

    Okay I was in the store yesterday.... here are some of the cichlids I noticed that are available.... Large Haps.... not the best on ID'ing haps... but some were rare. About 10 or so show type males. Placidochromis sp. ... special 2 for 20.00 3 to 4 inches. Buccochromis Xenotilapia...
  16. longstocking

    HOT Reviews!

    I was just in the store today talking with one of the owners. They asked CCA for their help :D. I said we would be more than willing to help in any way possible. If you have been into the store and want their doors to stay open, by filling out a positive review on google they would GREATLY...
  17. longstocking

    New in stock :) HOT

    JUST ARRIVED FRIDAY- lg. Variety of aquarium plants & freshwater fish...MONDAY-- lg. Shipment of live corals
  18. minifoot77

    wtb hot mag 250

    like the title says any one got one kickin around they could part with?
  19. Pat Kelly

    hot today

    Whew hot today. Here in the shop the only thing I can go by is the thermostats for the heat. They read 99F at 11am so you know it got hotter than that in here. Hard for these guys to work fast like that plus then you have to work on a hot engine.