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Thanks again H.O.T. And Sarah


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Thanks for the help choosing the Firemouths. Today my son and I found a fry cloud in the tank. We are going to work on keeping them alive because now I want some.

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Congrats! It's great that you can share your hobby with your son. He will never forget these moments.

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Good stuff!

I dropped into HOT a few days ago (on the way home from picking up the Teleocichla from BWI) and picked up some Gymnogeos :)

Sarah wasn't there but there were a lot of nice cichlids!



Any time... you guys know that :) Always like to see friendly faces in there even if you don't buy anything! If I'm not there... usually Franny is!!! So it's good all around :)

I'm so glad I was right on the fish lol... I know I'm ok at sexing Africans... I always get a little worried with the new worlds though...