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New @ HOT


I'm going in tonight but I know they are getting in a large shipment of Africans in this afternoon :jumpy: I got to help pick the selection... so, there will be cichlids that they usually don't carry!


Many peacocks and haps. I won't know what they decided to order until I get in. I suggested lemon jakes which I know they normally don't carry... also some lethrinops.


oh and maybe some... Aulonocara ethelwynnae, Kilesa, callochromis, Cyathopharynx foai (Sibwesa)
Just a few of my suggestions, no promises on any of these fish though... as I'm sure they didn't order everything I suggested. Of course they ordered their usual good sellers as well....


Heck, if there is something you would like me to suggest... let me know and I can try for the next order. But again , no promises and keep in mind there are min. So, you can't suggest some weird oddball thing that you and only you will want.


lol wasn't on this list... I looked.
I know, I know, I know...just being a wisea..
Actually one unsexed Gb came into the States last month...missed out on it.

In all seriousness.
I know of one of your wholesalers who is getting a pretty nice shipment of Malawi this month...food for thought. :):):)


Yeah... it's in the back of my mind... Hopefully they can move enough to get an order in with him before all the good stuff sells out.


okay... they took most of my advice!

Lithobates yellow blaze 4 inches
Tropheus Kazumba 2 inch
Tropheus Ikola 2.5 inch+
E. sp Kilesa 2-3 inches
Callochromis stap. and macro. Adults!!!
Lemon Jakes 3 inches
Foai sibwesa !! Large and a decent price!
Syndontis multi.
Syno petricola
Albino Eureak Reds... really good price with your discount. 2 inches 11.00
Taiwan Reef Albino and Regular... good prices on these as well.
Metr. dophin manda! Giant demasoni
Large Malawi Peacocks and Haps REALLY nice!

Victorians!!! obliqu. and a few others I don't remember the names on.

These are just a few... there were quite a few boxes.... I'm sure I forgot a few of the nice ones....

Always good to see you Chris :) See ya tomorrow!
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Multies... go around to each tank that has them in there as there are quite a few. Some are larger than others... there are ones that are 3 inches. 19.98 plus your discount.

I can't remember what the punks were... I want to say 18.98 but you can always call them and ask if you decide to go.

Rich let me double check on Monday for you. I'm mostly spend my time in the Africans but I do go over to that isle quite a bit to check on the pikes, plants, and other oddball cool things!

The Foai .... are a good 3- 4 inches for 24.98 + your discount ( Males and females ).... that is a great deal! Someone go snatch them up before I do!! I already picked up some Kilesa for myself!! :) :) :)