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Cichlids and others @ HOT


Okay I was in the store yesterday.... here are some of the cichlids I noticed that are available....

Large Haps.... not the best on ID'ing haps... but some were rare. About 10 or so show type males.

Placidochromis sp. ... special 2 for 20.00 3 to 4 inches.

Xenotilapia flavipinnis crocodile island 19.98 ( Great price for the size )
Julidochromis dickfeldi ( They are full grown adults ... I think it's a pair ).
O. ventralis chituta

Blue Rams
Green Terrors ( Large )

Their neon cardinals looked great.

They were getting in a shipment of shrimp later that day. Crystals, Cherry Reds etc.

They got in about 8 boxes of salt water. Some that stuck out in my head... mandarin goby :) VERY LARGE! 3 inches or so. Black clowns from Australia. Garibali (LARGE).


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Sarah - are you working on Friday? There might be a clandestine group of visitors from CCA ;)...



Was told a shipment of central and south americans were coming in today... if I am remembering correctly. I can post them up on Thursday...

If anyone wants me to help them..

I work M W F during the day. Thursday night.


lol I'll let you get your own :p

First day was yesterday... I liked this store before I started. I gotta say... it's a fun job! The people that work there are hilarious and a blast to be around. I was worried I wouldn't like it.... but it's a blast!


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Glad to hear it's going well, Sarah. A few of us are planning a "Ferris Bueller" day on Friday to receive some fish shipments (and likely drink some beer) and are really going to try to make it up there. Gotta see when the shipment arrivals are spaced, but it should work out. :)


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Sarah - are you working on Friday? There might be a clandestine group of visitors from CCA ;)...

As I unfortunately won't be able to be part of the clandestine group, do you mind being my proxy and bringing home anything I couldn't pass up?


Hey guys keep me in the loop on your Day off. I actually took the day off Friday. Love to hang with you guys for a bit Friday.


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Probably gonna try for 10:30 or 11 AM at HOT... then back to G'burg to Buffalo Wings and Beer (on Snouffer School Rd)...

Matt (not confirming or denying my participation in this, theoretic, clandestine operation)...


It was great to see all of you guys today :) It was fun hanging out even though I had to wait on your silly butts :p

I hope the shipment from Ant went well :)