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BFD 7 Marketplace Vendors - Who is coming? What's for sale?

Frank Cowherd

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I usually do not offer live cultures of microworms, vinegar eels or rotifers at the BFD, but will accept pre-orders for them until Friday of the BFD.
You can pre-order the cultures by emailing me at aquaticlifefarm@gmail.com. These cultures are $5 each. I will bring them to the marketplace on Sunday.

At the BFD I will have much of what fishes I listed on the forum for the January meeting: https://www.capitalcichlids.org/forums/threads/daphnia-and-fish-fs-delivered-to-cca-meeting-january-12-2019.34317/


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GWAPA will have a pile of plants, a ton of manzanita driftwood, and various other things. I will even bring some fish, Brachyrhaphis roseni and maybe some Micropoecilia picta fry.


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Hello! I am a nature illustrator/artist attending my first BFD next week. I will be bringing lots of fish & aquatic life artwork including original art, prints, stationery, and stickers. Here is a link to my portfolio with some samples of what I will have at the Sunday Marketplace.
I look forward to meeting you and maybe bringing some cool fish home.


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I would try emailing them through the website or calling the number provided. Just a guess.


DavidG / CCA Member
I will be bringing: Juvenile Fish

Dwarf Sumbu Compressiceps:

LuFuBu Red Compressiceps:

Albino Bristlenose Plecos.

Brown Bristlenose Plecos.

Jacobfreibergi "Caroline" Peacock.

Jacobfreibergi Tsano Rock Peacock.

Albino Ruby Red Peacock.


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Ive decided last minute to get a table this year. Depending on what all I can fit in my vehicle, I should have the following

For Sale:

Astatotilapia Burtoni I have an adult breeding group (4 males, 4 females) I also have lots of breeding juveniles 1 -2"

Aulonocara Sp. Dragon Blood Blue

Aulonocara Sp. Dragon Blood Orange Large full color males and smaller 3"+. I also have two large females I been holding back that I might bring

Aulonocara Sp. Ruby Red

Protomelas Sp. Taiwan Reef Two males close to 3"

Protomelas Sp. Taeniolatus Super Red

Double 40Long/55gal wood stand. Its currently taken apart for ease of transport

Cryptocoryne Wendtii "Florida Sunset" Should have at least 5 plants

For free to good home... (Meaning NOT for food for your CA , SA or whatever you feel like feeding):cool:

Aulonocara Sp. Dragon Blood (2 Orange, 1 Blue) Adult females