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Aquafest 2013- Aquarium Beautiful and Iron Aquascaper


So, this year I really want to enter this competition at Aquafest. I am really interested in the Aquarium Beautiful Competition. So, I went to the website for Aquafest, and I couldn't find any info on it! So my questions are:

1) What is this, how is it judged?
2) If I enter, when do I set it up, and what are the rules?
3) is their a maximum and/or minimum tank size?
4) Does it NEED plants?
5) Can you guys and gals PLEASE tell me ALL about this? Thanks!


Past CCA President

We're still working on the website and hope to have it updated in the next week or two. In a nutshell, there are two separate competitions. The Iron Aquascaper contest will be between two teams, each with the same size tanks and a host of materials to use for decorating. The teams are predetermined prior to the event (GWAPA is taking the lead on this). The tanks will then be decorated "on stage" while the attendees watch and learn. The tanks are then available to the public, one via raffle and one via auction.

The Aquarium Beautiful competition is open to the public and will be very similar to the AB competition at AquaMania. There will be several different classes depending on tank size. The competitors are responsible for bringing their own tank and equipment to the show, and if you bring a really large tank, you will need to bring your own stand as well. How it is decorated is up to the competitor. Some will try to mimic natural conditions, some will be planted, some will be rock work, some may even have day-glo plants and sunken pirate ships and no fishing signs. The competition is voted on by the public, so you never know who will win. There may also be official judging, but we haven't worked out all those details yet.


Past CCA President
Set up will be on Friday evening. You must be registered for the event to enter the AB competition. There may be a limited amount of space for the tanks, so once sign up is available, make sure to do so. You can register for the convention now!