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  1. chriscoli

    Aquarium Beautiful video by Pectec

    Pectec posted this today! Great memories, I love seeing everyone. http://youtu.be/4Ms3mIsUhis Sent from my iPhone using MonsterAquariaNetwork app
  2. Termato

    New Entry for Aquarium Beautiful

    I heard we need more entries. I already have a two tanks entered into the contest but I'm going to add in a 3rd. Later on, maybe a fourth but right now, I can only commit to three. The third entry is going to be a 40G tank also entered into C.A.R.E.S. and Themed categories. All I'm saying is...
  3. J

    Beautiful Cuban cichlids for sale

    I have 5 Cubans for sale very nice color , 4inches possibly bigger .. The pair for $100... The other 3 males 50 bucks each.. Buy all 5 for $225.. Can take better pics ..
  4. L

    Beautiful Albino Bristlenose Plecos babies!

    I have breeding parents of albino Bristle Nose catfish, also called albino Bushy Nose Pleco. They are very popular in the hobby since they are golden color when they grow up and they don't grow too big at max 4". Great for planted aquarium. They give birth to hundresd of babies of about...
  5. Frank Cowherd


    The Big Fish Deal is an event to bring together aquarium enthusiasts and transform the Gaithersburg Hilton into an aquatic paradise on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, March 4-6, 2016. The aquatic paradise will be in the hotel's lobby. We need your entries in the AQUARIUM BEAUTIFUL CONTEST to...
  6. D

    For Sale - 2 Beautiful Red Tiger Oscars

    Hello everyone, I want to part with my Oscars in order to breed a rare species of Cichlid (Not sure which yet. Here is a Youtube link below. PM if interested. I sell one if you only want one (Better off, they fight a lot). Make an offer... Thanks. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=b8h1qiOZn50
  7. Frank Cowherd


    AQUARIUM BEAUTIFUL WINNERS All the aquariums entered were outstanding and gave the lobby a great atmosphere for a tropical fish convention. And (drum roll) THE BIG FISH DEAL winner were: NANO CLASS There were ten entries. People's Choice Awards: Roger Applegate First place Mahesh Mani...
  8. Frank Cowherd

    Aquarium Beautiful CONTESTS

    It is time to think about what you are putting in the contests. We will have two contests. This year all tanks entered will be eligible for both contests. One contest will be decided by Popular vote as we have done for the past two years. The other contest will be judges by aquarium...
  9. chriscoli

    Aquarium Beautiful Competition - get your tanks ready!

    Hey CCA folks, don't forget about the Aquarium Beautiful competition! We'll be setting up tanks in the hotel lobby again just like last year. There were some fantastic entries last time, so I hope you all are getting your tanks in shape and planning out what you want to bring! If you want to...
  10. Raven20

    Beautiful Peacocks

    Just wanted to thank Craig (RastaFish) for selling me some beautiful Peacocks today. You have some really nice fish buddy...Thanks again!! And there wasn't any extra "non members" fees
  11. dogofwar

    Enter the AquaMania Aquarium Beautiful Contest

    Gonna be some awesome prizes...it's a great way to represent for the club...and it's free for registered attendees! Here are the rules: http://capitalcichlids.org/aquamania/?page_id=12 Competition is wide open in all 5 classes... so get your entries in! Matt
  12. dogofwar

    Aquarium Beautiful Competition - Grand Prize

    Thanks to Kensfish.com, the Grand Prize Winner of the AquaMania 2 (The Big Fish Deal) Aquarium Beautiful Competition will be a 48" Current Freshwater Satellite LED+ Lighting System...like this one: http://current-usa.com/aquarium-led-lights/satellite-freshwater-led-plus/ Additional prizes from...
  13. dogofwar

    Thanks Kensfish for Sponsoring the Aquarium Beautiful Grand Prize!

    In addition to the KensFish (www.Kensfish.com), KensFish is the sponsor of the AquaMania 2 Aquarium Beautiful Competition Grand Prize! Look out for some awesome gift cards and an extra special prize for the Grand Prize Winner of the Aquarium Beautiful Competition. Thanks Ken...and make sure to...
  14. dogofwar

    Thanks Kurt Johnston for Sponsoring the CARES Aquarium Beautiful Class!

    Thanks to Kurt Johnston of ACLC for sponsoring the CARES Class of the AquaMania 2 (the Big Fish Deal) Aquarium Beautiful Competition! To enter a tank in this class, the only requirement is that the tank must include one or more identified species of fish from the CARES Priority List...
  15. Rasta Fish

    Absolutely beautiful

  16. Frank Cowherd

    Results of Aquarium Beautiful Contest at AQUAFEST

    AQUAFEST AQUARIUM BEAUTIFUL CONTEST RESULTS The turnout for the contest was not too good. Perhaps the shutdown had an affect. Some others signed up and planned to come but had to move or had other things in their life that prevented them bringing a tank. Anyhow we had some really...
  17. I_love_dojos

    Several Beautiful Fish for Adoption at Animal Control (in Millersville, MD)

    Hello, I happened to notice that the Anne Arundel County Animal Control in Millersville, MD has several BEAUTIFUL (some expensive looking, at least to me:)) fish available for adoption. By the looks of them, I think they are probably saltwater fish, but I am not an expert. Anyway, this is the...
  18. Frank Cowherd


    PRIZES announced for Aquarium Beautiful Contest AQUAFEST 2013 IS OCTOBER 18, 19, AND 20TH. HOSTED BY PVAS, CCA, AND GWAPA FOR INFORMATION OF THE LOCATION AND REGISTRATION GO TO http://aquafest2013.org At this convention there will be an Aquarium Beautiful Contest. There will...
  19. B

    fs. beautiful pair V. Melanuraus an other vieja

    I have a beautiful pair of Vieja Melanurus, male is 13" and the female is 9" also I have 2 breidohri 1, 8.5" male and the other is 6.5" sex unknow also have a 9.5" Argentea pickup only DC, all fish are selling togather for a great price $170 the melanuraus will cost you that price by them self...
  20. zackcrack00

    Aquafest 2013- Aquarium Beautiful and Iron Aquascaper

    So, this year I really want to enter this competition at Aquafest. I am really interested in the Aquarium Beautiful Competition. So, I went to the website for Aquafest, and I couldn't find any info on it! So my questions are: 1) What is this, how is it judged? 2) If I enter, when do I set it...