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Results of Aquarium Beautiful Contest at AQUAFEST

Frank Cowherd

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The turnout for the contest was not too good. Perhaps the shutdown had an affect. Some others signed up and planned to come but had to move or had other things in their life that prevented them bringing a tank.

Anyhow we had some really beautiful tanks as you can see in the pictures below. The ones that won awards in the contest are identified. No losses of fish or plants or tanks were incurred. Dave brought all his water from home near Richmond as did some of the others. I filled up my tanks with treated water from the hotel. Dave used a furniture mover (dolly) to move his large 40 gallon tank. Most of us moved their tanks after having them set up at home for a while, then drained so there were only a few inches left in the tank, enough to keep the plants wet and the fish able to swim. SOme removed the fish and replaced them after refilling their tank. Tanks with rocks were basically moved without rocks and then the rock structure rebuild after the tank was filled.

The largest tank in the contest was brought by a local fish store: Congressional Aquariumstore.jpg (48.22 KiB) Not viewed yet

Congressional Aquarium

Another view of the largest tank.store 2.jpg (48.54 KiB) Not viewed yet

Dave Sombach's medium tank with schools of fish, red plants and white rocks.Dave S medium.jpg (49.2 KiB) Not viewed yet

Frank's nano tank with electric blue rams, anubias nana, java fern and catfish.FGC nano.jpg (47 KiB) Not viewed yet

And now the winners: We combined the medium and large categories for five total tanks. The nano category had 4 tanks.

The third place winners were:

Nano, third place:
Jen Williams tank was a quite simple arrangement of some very pleasing rocks, white sand, fish and a few plants.rock tank.jpg (45.59 KiB) Not viewed yet

Medium-large, third place:
Frank's ten gallon tank with red wags, rock background, natural gravel and paleatus and panda cories.FGC medium.jpg (65.95 KiB) Not viewed yet

The second place winners were:
Nano, second place:
Arlene Wagner's tanks looks like it has a river of white sand running diagonally through it.nano river.jpg (50.28 KiB) Not viewed yet

Medium-large, second place:
Arlene Wagner's tank was both an aquarium with fish in it and a terrarium, with a lot of plants above the water.Palladarium arlene medium.jpg (59.13 KiB) Not viewed yet

The first place winners were:
Nano, first place:
Roger Garza's tank looked great with well established plants and a pleasing design.Eagle nano.jpg (53.83 KiB) Not viewed yet

Medium-large, first place:
Dave Sombach's 40 gallon look fantastic. The fish and plants and driftwood were all outstanding and worked well together.Dave S Grand champion .jpg (62.53 KiB) Not viewed yet

Dave Sombach's tank also took the Grand Champion money and award.



not able to see the pics... I click on the links and it says that I am not authorized to view... It looks like they are pics hosted on the PVAS forum.


invert junkie
ahh! So it was Dave who had the littletank with the Brevibora dorsiocellata- I was geeking out about that, as they are one of my favorite little fish, and not many people really keep them. His stocking was also superb in his big tank. I think what got my vote, on both,was that both tanks were realistically stocked beyond the show. Very lovely

Frank Cowherd

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I did a redo on this. You should be able to see the pics there in the new thread called: ABContest Results redo.

THe pics below here can only be seen if you are currently logged into your PVAS account. Did not realize that when I put it up but it was so simple to copy the PVAS thread and post it here.