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  1. neoprodigy

    Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 2013

    2013 has been a great year for Jason and his training partner Alex. Jason started training BJJ early 2012 and competing early 2013. If you want your kids to train check out Yamasaki Academy @Rockville, @Springfield check out www.grappling.com tell 'em Li sent you!
  2. W


    Vote for your favorite photo! Photo A Below: Photo B Below: Photo C Below: Photo D Below: Photo E Below: Photo F Below: Photo G Below: Photo H Below: Photo I Below: Photo J Below: Photo K Below:
  3. M

    CCA FFL 2013 - WOW!

    Great league this year. Talk about PARITY! It seems that every single position changes every week. I went from the #5 seed to the #1 seed in one week, then went from #1 down to #4 the next. Lots of teams in the .500 range. We'll see how injuries and weather affect everyone from here on out.
  4. J

    Not Coming to November 2013 meeting.

    I did not get any orders for this meeting and I will not be attending the November 2013 meeting. I hope to get to the January 2014 meeting. Remember, I need you help to attend these meeting due to the costs to cover my wife's nurses for that day. If I do not receive enough orders by the...
  5. R

    AquaFest 2013 Stocklist

    I am very happy to announce that we are going to have tables at Aquafest this year. I am very excited for the event and looking forward to meeting more of you at the event so be sure to at least swing by our booth and say hey. With that being said here is what Ill have at the show with me...
  6. S

    Is there a Rare Fish Auction at Aquafest 2013

    Does anyone know if there is a rare fish auction at Aquafest 2013 like the one they have at the East Coast Monster Fish Konvention?
  7. Pat Kelly

    September 2013

    September 14th 2pm - Mike Hellweg Mike Hellweg Mike has been breeding fish since he was 9 years old. Over the past 40 years he has specialized in miniature fishes, and has bred numerous oddballs including licorice and chocolate gouramis, almost half of the known wild Betta species, two...
  8. zackcrack00

    Aquafest 2013- Aquarium Beautiful and Iron Aquascaper

    So, this year I really want to enter this competition at Aquafest. I am really interested in the Aquarium Beautiful Competition. So, I went to the website for Aquafest, and I couldn't find any info on it! So my questions are: 1) What is this, how is it judged? 2) If I enter, when do I set it...
  9. J

    Males with Color August 1, 2013

    Many Males with Color-Hurry some fish sold before I could complete list. New fish to CAS are also on this list. Astat. Aeneocolor 2-3 males, 7-2.5 males, 2-2 males (Victorian) Astat. Zebra Obliquidens 3-2.5 Males, 1-2 Males (Victorian) Astat. Sp. 44 Thick Skin 11-2.5 males, 10-2 males...
  10. Tony

    Peru 2013 - Kid's Donations

    Hey all, As some of you may know, I am taking a trip down to Iquitos, Peru in a few weeks to go collecting fish. On the Margarita Tours trip we will be stopping at two villages on the river along the way. From what I have heard, the villages are quite remote and I imagine that they could use...
  11. jonclark96

    AquaFest 2013 Auction and Tag Sale

    CCA: As part of AquaFest this fall, there will be a huge Sunday Auction and Tag Sale. Rules and Regulations will be posted on the AquaFest website, but a new rule regarding the number of lots an individual can enter in the auction has been put in place. Details are below: As you all know, we...
  12. Pat Kelly


    It's time for Aquafest2013 Aquafest2013 is a convention that is put on by the 3 local clubs. PVAS, GWAPA, and CCA. October 18-20 2013 Speakers, raffles, vendors, and auction. Check the website today! http://aquafest2013.org/
  13. Sriracha

    Dubai 2013

    Went to Atlanta for my connecting flight to Dubai for vacation last week and decided to hit up some of the aquariums there. Absolute shock at some of the stuff I saw (African Cichlids with beavers, overstocked tanks, etc. etc). But overall impressive infrastructure. I also have some video too...
  14. Pat Kelly

    2013 Photo of the Month prize

    Win Photo of the month and you will get a CCA t-shirt. That's right, you can be showing your CCA pride soon.
  15. Sonny Disposition

    National Local Fish Store Meet Up Day: Saturday, July 13, 2013

    What are you planning for National Local Fish Store Meet Up Day? http://www.sonnysfishroom.com/?p=321
  16. Pat Kelly

    june 2013

    NEXT MEETING! June 8th, 2PM Jeff Michels Dwarf South American Cichlids
  17. Forester

    2013 ACA Denver, CO

    Hi everyone I was just wondering if anyone is planning on going. I might be going and would love to see some other CCA members there. The website for it is www.2013aca.com If anyone else is going are you going to bring fish for Show or to sell. if anyone is i might also bring some fish. It looks...
  18. golsama

    April 2013 food thread... VOLUNTEER

    Hey Guys! I'm excited to see you all next Saturday! Of course we need volunteers to bring food/drinks to the meeting. Here is a list of what we need. Pleas copy/paste the list and add what you're bringing in your post. Drinks (8-10 bottles of soda): Snacks (chips, dip, etc)...
  19. neoprodigy

    East Coast Monster Fish Konvention | September 20~22, 2013 | Parsippany, NJ

  20. gravel_digger

    AquaMania 2013 Photos

    Photots from AquaMania 2013 have been uploaded to Photobucket for viewing.