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  1. DBLN8

    Trimacs from Aquamania

    I picked up 3 of them from Rapps, these guys are great eaters and pretty social after just a week.
  2. dogofwar

    Great Book Pick-Ups at AquaMania!

    My fish purchases at AquaMania were pretty minimal this year (a pair of A. centrarchus, a pair of Acaronia, some convicts, a group of goodeids and a pair of swordtails)...but I got some GREAT books for a song. The stack is next to me: "Large Cichlids" by Staeck and Linke "Cichlid Atlas -...
  3. gravel_digger

    Pics from AquaMania BFD 3

    I know I am a late getting them out there but here they are... http://s64.photobucket.com/user/tgrandall/slideshow/Aqua%20Mania%202015 Just do a cut a paste into a browser window and off you go.... hope everyone enjoys them...
  4. gravel_digger

    Aquamania 3 The Big Fish Deal!

    Big THANKS to all those who worked extremely hard putting together another great and successful BFD. We are very luck to have such dedicated individuals that volunteer their time to do this every year. I also would like to THANK all the vendors and guest speaker who participated as well. We...
  5. spazmattik

    Membership cards at Aquamania

    As of right now we are not planning to make membership cards during the event with so much already going on. However, if you need one and let us know before the event we can make cards and put them in your registration packet for you. Please PM me if you need yours at the event.
  6. MarkK

    FS: Delivery to Aquamania (Sunday) Breeding Colony Julidochromis regani Kipili Yellow

    For Sale with delivery to Aquamania (Sunday table sale) Breeding Colony Julidochromis regani Kipili Yellow. 6 adult Julidochromis regani Kipili Yellow. $50 There are two active pairs within these 6 fish. Due to the nature of my tank setup, in order to remove the breeders I have to...
  7. D

    WTB at Aquamania 3!

    If you are selling large male Peacocks and Haps at the show, please let me know, and I'll look for you. Looking for a strong contrasted OB, Dragon Blood, Blue Regal, Sunshine, Albino, Firefish, and Eureka Red, Super Red Empress, and German Red... And... And... My wife is going to have to drag me...
  8. jonclark96

    AquaMania Website

  9. jonclark96

    Private Sales At AquaMania 3

    CCA: There have been several threads here in the Marketplace advertising items for sale that can be delivered to AquaMania. Every year, there are similar threads that cause concern with the club and club members. We have tried to control costs on AquaMania so that we can provide a great...
  10. blkmjk

    What are you selling at aquamania?

    For me the list is small. But what are you selling? 1/4" f2 Rio Mag Umbee fry from my favorite pair. Bag of 10 for 5 bucks. Drew
  11. Kareen

    About Aquamania

    Can any one come to this I'm new to the club I would like to know do you need to pay a fee to get in I was not at the last meeting and I don't know how this works would love to come to see all the neat stuff.Thank you for any info
  12. Harleyrider5


    We just registered. We will see everyone there. Sent from my SCH-I200PP using MonsterAquariaNetwork App
  13. dogofwar

    Dave's Rare Fish...Free Shipping...and Discount at AquaMania!

    Ever wanted to order fish from Dave's Rare Fish and get a free shipping... and a discount? That's what's going on at AquaMania 3 (The Big Fish Deal) - Feb 27 - Mar 1, 2015. Register today here: http://capitalcichlids.org/aquamania/?page_id=139 Details here...
  14. DiscusnAfricans

    Dave's Rare Fish Group Buy for Delivery to Aquamania

    Dave Schumacher has generously offered to set up a group buy for delivery to Aquamania. He will also be donating fish to the saturday rare fish auction, so this is a chance to support someone who has been a great supporter/sponsor of the club. Dave is offering 10% off on all purchases and...
  15. jonclark96

    Have You Registered for AquaMania?

    Hey CCA: AquaMania 3 is only a month away. Have you registered yet? I know many of you have not, as we only have a very few confirmed registrations as of today. I know, many have plans on attending just never remember to actually log in and register. Please do, as this is the only way we...
  16. chriscoli

    Volunteers needed for The Big Fish Deal (AquaMania 3)

    Hey CCA Folks! We're getting to the point where I'm interested in knowing who is going to be able to help out for our upcoming Big Fish Deal! Please reply here or send me a PM if you're interested in helping out for anything in particular. This is your chance to contribute and influence how...
  17. chriscoli

    Mark your Calendars - AquaMania 3!

    Get out your calendars, consult your family, significant other, or pet sitter.....and save the date for: AquaMania 3, The Big Fish Deal! We've had an awesome turnout the past two years; let's make this one even more awesome! When: Friday February 27 through Sunday March 1, 2015 Where...
  18. dogofwar

    Lots of AquaMania Shirts

    Lots of AquaMania shirts at the ACA this week... along with the artist who drew it (Sam Garcia). Matt
  19. cichlidaddicted

    Lithobates I got at aquamania

    Picked this guy up from reed at aquamania and in the matter of a month he has changed a lot. Today he had his first go with a female and seemed to enjoy himself. I may have to retire my old male to make room for this guy. Sent from my SCH-S960L using MonsterAquariaNetwork App
  20. Bigred

    Mystery fish from aquamania

    I took a picture of this awesome fish at aquamania. I was wondering what this fish is. Can anybody help. Sent from my DROID RAZR using MonsterAquariaNetwork App