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Mark your Calendars - AquaMania 3!


Get out your calendars, consult your family, significant other, or pet sitter.....and save the date for:
AquaMania 3, The Big Fish Deal!
We've had an awesome turnout the past two years; let's make this one even more awesome!

When: Friday February 27 through Sunday March 1, 2015

Where: Gaithersburg Hilton (Same great place as last year)

What: Lots of fantastic speakers, the Rare Fish Auction, Phenomenal Vendors, Raffles, and the Sunday Marketplace


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Has it always been called 'The Big Fish Deal'? I thought the first one had a different name. Not that it matters I was just curious.
Aint that the truth! No matter how many I have I could always use a few more.

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Aqua Mania 3

I expect to be there for the Sunday Market Place. I will try to get some larger fish in from a fish wholesaler for the event as well.

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