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Tangled Up In Cichlids Pre-Order for Delivery to the BFD


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We are glad that Jeff Rapps at Tangled Up In Cichlids will be attending the BFD this year. Jeff has been at both previous event, and this year will be set up all weekend in the vendor room. As in the past, Jeff is taking pre-orders for delivery to the BFD!

Below is the link to the current stock list.


Take advantage of this opportunity to get great fish with no shipping fees!



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Email him - address is on his website.




Thanks very much Jon and Becca.

Each year that my wife, Kate, and I attend the CCA event, we are so impressed with the organization and fluidity of the event.

Even if things get chaotic behind the scenes now and again (in what event does that not happen?!), the CCA gang maintain a totally professional demeanor.

We are made to feel so welcome at all times that we really look forward to this annual event. Take this from someone that does not relish the act of putting a traveling fish circus on the road if I can help it! I ship fish daily - all year long, so packing fish and all the accessories to maintain them over the weekend can be a little daunting.

In other words, we feel the benefits far outweigh the hassles because Aquamania is such a worthwhile and enjoyable event to attend.

For anyone interested in pre-ordering fish, please email me directly at bigguapote1@verizon.net

We plan to arrive on Friday evening and will stay through Sunday afternoon.

The stock list at my web page http://tangledupincichlids.com
is updated several times per week as fish come and go regularly.

Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding stock.

Kate and I look forward to attending and meeting fellow Aquamaniacs.


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My order's in...

Same here :).

You know guys, Jeff has Dicrossus maculatus. If anyone was interested in them, it's not always easy to find them (actually it's never easy to find them) and his price is pretty reasonable, too.


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On Jeff's website, he has a Halpochromis Orthostoma. I saw it also referred to as Pyxichromis Orthostoma. It looks like a cross between a Hap and Alto Comp. Has anyone ever kept them?

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Anyone heard from Jeff the last couple days? I've been trying to reach him to edit my order with some things on his new list this week, but he hasn't replied to two emails and a voice mail over the last two days. I'm sure he's very busy right now, but just wanted to see if maybe anyone else has managed to get a hold of him the last couple days. Thanks.



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I exchanged some emails with him yesterday AM. I know he was trying to get his shipment in from Colombia. He should be back in touch soon.


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I don't think so. Jeff will be bringing fish with him when he comes down tomorrow, so just get in touch with him to confirm.


Does anyone know if Jeff will be bringing fish other then his pre-orders? I'm clearly late to the show here, but was hoping to get my hands on a blue phantom pleco.