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September meeting

Pat Kelly

CCA Member
Staff member
September 8- 2pm
Anthony Tu. Frontosa
Introduction to Frontosa
(A.K.A Frontosa Fanatics Part I)

Anthony Tu has been involved with tropical hobby more than 28 years. At twelve years of age, he started to breed beta fish which he caught them from a neighbor pond in South East Asia. His passionate of African Cichlids began in 1995 and he joined the PCCA since 1998. In fact, he joined the ACA (American Cichlids Association) in 2000 and ACA 2000 convention was his first ACA convention in 2000, he has specialized of keeping and breeding Cyphotilapia. He currently maintains 12 variant of wild caught Cyphotilapia. Last April 2008, he was awarded as a Master Breeder from the PCCAs Breeder Awards Program. He wrote several frontosa articles and those articles republished on several fish club journals in U.S. Anthony is currently the PCCAs Web Master Chair and a member of Board of Directors. In fact, Anthony gave several talks at major fish clubs in bay area such as: Pacific Coast Cichlid Association, San Francisco Aquarium Society, Silicon Valley Aquarium Society, Sacramento Aquarium Society, Greater Chicago Cichlid Association.
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