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  1. Hannibal

    September POTM Winner

    Congratulations to Abby (xny1989)! Thank you for entering your winning picture! Shoot me a PM for your choice of a CCA shirt or one of the hand painted glasses. Abby's winning picture
  2. Hannibal

    September POTM Voting

    Pick your favorite!!! Good luck to all! A. B. C. D. E.
  3. J

    September Meeting

    I am sorry; but, I will not be able to get to the September meeting. Hopefully I will get there in October. If you want to buy fish from me, please either have them shipped or consider coming up to York or to the CCY meeting at the end of the month. I will be at the CCY's big Clash of the...
  4. jonclark96

    September Meeting Auction - Just A Few Days Left to Register Items

    CCA: I'm looking forward to our first meeting of the fall this weekend. It looks like a few folks have already registered their items for the meeting auction, but I know there are plenty more people who have stuff to sell after the summer break. Don't forget to go to MyGroupAuctions.com and...
  5. JLW

    September PRE ORDERS

    Coming to the September CCA meeting? I just put together a fantastic pre order list for this meeting, with a usual great selection of fish. This is only a single page, and may be viewed at http://www.batfishaquatics.com/preorder.php. Please see there for full terms and conditions (and better...
  6. J

    September 12

    I need another order of about $20 for this meeting so I can set up a nurse to cover my wife in order for me to come to the meeting. I appreciate any orders that I get through this club. Jay
  7. Hannibal

    September POTM Picture Request

    September is now open for sending in your pictures. Remember if you are the winner you get your choice of a hand painted cup/glass/mug or CCA shirt, so send in your best shots!!! Please get your entries in by September 13th. Send them to POTM@capitalcichlids.org. For the rest of the...
  8. Pat Kelly

    September meeting

    Next Meeting - September 12th 2pm Pete Izzo Collecting in Uruguay Peter Izzo is an avid hobbyist and follower of the "if it swims, I keep it" philosophy. His fish room is currently upwards of 30 tanks and all types of fish. He goes on fish collecting adventures both locally and abroad for...
  9. JLW

    September Blackworms

    Hey guys, As many of you have experienced, the blackworm quality has been a little less than optimum. This has been a big problem for all of us, as the worms just plain suck for you guys, and, well, you're associating THAT with me, which is not good! :) I've been trying to find a new source...
  10. Pat Kelly


    Who wants to keep this fish? Our September speaker will be brining a pair for the auction. Crenicichla celidochilus Note: Photo taken from internet_ http://edburress.blogspot.com/2010/12/crenicichla-celidochilus.html
  11. Digital

    Wall filter foam (september meeting)

    Hi speaker at September's meeting mentioned he uses wall filter foam in all his tanks. I found the website that sells the foam in large sheets, but there must be some DIY required. Anyone have an idea or link to how a foam filter wall os made in the tank? Thanks Marlin Sent from my SCH-I545...
  12. rsretep

    September meeting

    Thanks Steve Lindblad for an interesting and informative presentation on the featherless peacocks. Great photos and videos. I would also like to say that I wish people in the rear of the meeting would be more respectful and courteous to our speaker and fellow members by refraining from...
  13. jonclark96

    September Meeting Auction

    Hey Folks! Don't forget to register your items for the auction on Saturday. We are only a few days away and there are only a few items listed. Thanks, Jon
  14. J

    September 13 Meeting

    I do not have enough orders to cover the cost for the trip to this meeting. However, I will make an exception and come to this meeting anyway because I really want to hear the first speaker and I am hoping to talk with the second speaker. I cannot do this for every meeting. I may have to pick...
  15. Pat Kelly

    2nd speaker for September

    and - Les Wilson of Cobalt SEPTEMBER 13TH 2PM Topic: Fish Nutrition! Bio: Les Wilson is one of the founding partners of Cobalt International, parent company of Cobalt Aquatics and Cobalt Pond, overseeing Marketing, Product Development, and Sourcing for Cobalt. Prior to founding Cobalt, Les...
  16. JLW

    Extended Pre Order for September Meeting

    Hey guys, I'm going down to the Raleigh Aquarium Society's meeting the day after CCA, and as such, I'll be able to extend the pre order a little bit -- since I need to do it for them. :) There's not much extra time, but if you missed out ... There are a few different / new items on here...
  17. J

    Avaialbe for September Meeting

    The CCA option is now open on my web site. Here are some of the highlights on my site. Prices are on the site. I also have several six packs of 1.5" or so fish for those of you interested in breeding and breeder points. Orders for this meeting need to be completed or changed by Wednesday...
  18. JLW

    Pre Orders for the September Meeting

    Hey guys, I have got the most amazing pre order list available for the meeting. The terms on a pre order are at the bottom of the list. A couple of really great highlights on here. There are some amazing peacock cichlids, as usual. I'm not an african cichlid guy, but I love these fish --...
  19. Pat Kelly

    September 2014

    Steve Lundblad September 13th - Steve Lundblad 2pm Doors open at 1 Steve Lundblad has been in the aquarium industry for over three decades. He is widely known as an Aulonocara expert and has maintained more than thirty species of Aulonocara for well over twenty years. He is one of the few...
  20. W

    September Photo of the Month Winner!

    Congratulations Aquastudent!