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Driftwood and tanks for sale, saturday social


invert junkie
Staff member
Hey Guys!
My pallet of manzanita is ready to go, there are some show pieces for tanks up to about 200g, as well as plenty of mid-sized branchy stuff and some small pieces as well
I also have a few larger pieces of Malaysian driftwood available.
A friend has fallen on hard times and had to break down his fish room. Being the sucker..err friend that I am, I said I would house his stuff here until it sells.
There is used Flourite red substrate (a 5g bucket) $10
I have 3 40 breeders with glass lids for $60 each (they currently have substrate, more of the flourite, but I can remove it)
I have a 150 gallon (6') tank, with glass lids, that is in excellent condition for $300.
There are several VERY nice lights, that I cannot decide if I am going to buy off him or sell- yea, that nice, perfect for bigger planted tanks- some have moon lights as well
Some people are coming over after the ACLC Saturday meeting to pick through driftwood, socialize, and look over the tanks- any of you are more than welcome to as well, just let me know so I can make sure i have enough snacks. If you want to stay for dinner, please bring something to share.

Whatever tanks don't sell by this weekend will go on craigslist on Monady, unless someone really really is serious about getting them.