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  1. LiluDallas

    ISO/WTB Decor

    I'm looking for rocks and wood. Nothing specific, although I love lava rock. Where's a great place to purchase, that isn't overpriced? Or anyone you know that has some.
  2. Leffler817

    Tanks and equipment FS w/Meeting delivery

    I have a few items to rehome after summer cleaning. I will be at the meeting on Saturday and can deliver it to you there. No horrible offer will be refused. ;) FREE WITH ANY PURCHASE: one shipping box. 10gal with glass lid. The plastic hinge is broken but the glass is in good shape. The back...
  3. E

    For Sale: large driftwood

    ive got a large piece of driftwood approximately 32" long 12" wide for sale. it is attached to a couple pieces of slate rock. i am located in Woodbridge VA. $60.00 or will trade for nice size texas holey rock or lace rock.
  4. leighn

    Show piece DRIFTWOOD

    I got rid of my pleco and need to sell the gorgeous piece of driftwood. It stretches about 4 ft long and is about 2 ft wide with long twisted limbs. Definitely a show piece!! Asking 125 for it or open to trades. 2402297292
  5. D

    Driftwood rotting

    How to identify of driftwood has rotten and beyond use for aquarium use?! I suppose the degradation starts immediately after the wood is detached and put into water but when do you really just discard it? I have some malaysian(!?) driftwood in my tank... It has always been a bit soft and...
  6. S

    wtb driftwood

    anybody have a large driftwood for sale?
  7. A

    Need driftwood

    Hey guys my 30 long is coming together and the only thing I'm missing is some nice driftwood. If you have anything for sale I'm definitely in the market.
  8. A

    Malaysian driftwood from HOT

    Anyone purchased this stuff in the past? I've been soaking it in buckets for 2 months and it's still leaching tannins like crazy. Something tells me this isn't really Malaysian driftwood but something like mopani instead which seems to leach almost indefinitely. I paid a mint for this driftwood...
  9. blkmjk

    Driftwood FS

    As the title states. I have large pieces of wood for sale. Most are 24"plus. These are seasoned pieces. They still leech tannins but have been in my tanks for years. I will try to upload as many pictures as possible. Pricing is non negotiable but discounts will apply to anyone interested in...
  10. D

    Fs: driftwood with some Java fern and anubias

    For $10. It is in my aquarium right now. Can deliver on Saturday's meeting or can be picked up in Rockville, MD.
  11. FishEggs

    FS : Driftwood

    I came across a nice stash of driftwood in my travels and thought some of you might be interested. These are all raw and dry pieces. I have not cleaned or treated them in anyway. I was told they came out of the Potomac river but i dont know where about. All available for delivery to the meeting...
  12. D

    WTB Driftwood for a 125gal

    I'm looking for some driftwood that would fit well in a 125gal. Let me know what you have for sale. -Will
  13. S

    Selling our Malaysian Driftwood

    Selling our Malaysian Driftwood. Beautiful piece that our fish loved! Our tank is 125 gallons. All wood should be treated prior to being inserted into an aquarium ecosystem. $95.00 for our wood.
  14. lkelly

    Some big driftwood FS

    I have two large pieces of driftwood that won't work in my current setup. Piece one is 36" long and is pictured below: $30 Piece two is 42" long and is fairly awesome. The one hole does go all the way through and it is about 6" deep and 14" high based on the photo orientation. It...
  15. Thai

    Large piece of driftwood

    Picked this up by the river, nice piece but doesn't look right in my 90. 20$ for my trouble of prepping it and cleaning it.
  16. Thai

    Huge piece of driftwood

    Large piece off wood, I recently bought in NYC for 160, looks great and all but my fish are always hiding in all the nooks and crannies so I can't see them 150$
  17. Thai

    FS Grapewood driftwood branches

    Have over 20 pieces for sale, these sell for around 15$ online before shipping so it's a nice cheap source of wood for aquascaping. 13$ a piece This is what it looks like wet Will post pics in a little bit of actual stock
  18. O

    WTB Driftwood

    Looking for a large piece of driftwood for 90 gallon tank.
  19. Siklid

    AM3 Table - Driftwood

    I am selling the attached pieces of driftwood at my table at AM3. The piece labeled "F" is large (24 in tall and 20 in wide). Please PM me if you would like to reserve one prior to the event. Thanks,
  20. T

    Algaeic Driftwood Issue

    I have a large sweet piece of driftwood in an awkwardly tall 150g tank. Nice piece with tons of drilled holes for fry and other shy tank inhabitants. This piece of driftwood has turned into an algae machine of biblical proportions. At this point the tank is bare excepting Algaezilla. I...