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  1. D

    GLA Pro Modular 3-way 2 stage Co2 regulator+ 1 output co2 regulator+ 2x 5lb tanks

    GLA Pro Modular 3-way 2 stage Co2 regulator Single output Co2 Regulator two 5lb tanks - bought new w regulators two co2 diffusers. tanks are empty pickup in 21244 available until 12/20 no longer running planted tanks! 625$ price is firm no trades no shipping cash in hand
  2. Leffler817

    Tanks and equipment FS w/Meeting delivery

    I have a few items to rehome after summer cleaning. I will be at the meeting on Saturday and can deliver it to you there. No horrible offer will be refused. ;) FREE WITH ANY PURCHASE: one shipping box. 10gal with glass lid. The plastic hinge is broken but the glass is in good shape. The back...
  3. Hawkman2000

    Rock for rift lake tanks

    I will be setting up my 37 as a tang tank soon, and I will be lokkibg for some rock to stack that will bring the ph up. I found this on amazon. Dont know if it will raise ph. Posted question on listing on that. Looks good though...
  4. A

    Moving soon. Two tanks for sale.

    I have a deep blue brand 30 long that's about 2-3 months old. This is nicer then the basic Aqueon tank. Nice glass and black silicone. Looks brand new. I painted the back black but it could be taken off easily if desired. It looks great as is though. Comes with perfecto glass lids which are...
  5. A

    Pulled a late night setting up new tanks

    I started at around 9pm because I wanted a work free Sunday. I moved my 30 long and 20 long inhabitants into the 55 gallons I bought last week at petco. This week I built the stand and learned to cut glass sheets to make some DIY sliding lids. I found all the glass and grandmas basement and the...
  6. S

    Resealing tanks

    Hey everyone, just got two tank setups, a 29 and 55. the corners seem to have plenty of silicone and the sides have a thin strip right along the edges. so far the 29 has not leaked at all. i am going to do a 55 test soon. what are your thoughts and is this how they used to seal tanks back in the...
  7. BigPoecilia

    Two 55 Gal. Tanks for sale

    I have two 55 gallon tanks for sale. One tank comes with two light fixtures and two glass tops. Price is 75.00. The other tank comes with two glass tops (no light fixture). One of the glass tops needs a new plastic hinge in the middle. The plastic center brace was cracked but is joined...
  8. dogofwar

    WTB two 55g or 75g tanks

    Looking for a couple of used tanks for my fishroom...no tanks that need re-sealing or with broken braces, etc. Near 270 Exit 5 in Rockville/Potomac, so the closer the better :) Thanks, Matt
  9. Beanie Seagus

    WTT 2 10 gallon tanks for your 20 gallon tall

    I'm looking to trade my 2x 10 gallon tanks for your 20 gallon tall tank. This trade would be tanks only, no lids, or other accessories. Reply to thread or pm me if interested
  10. DiscusnAfricans

    Small tanks and some fish FS

    Doing some rearranging in the fish room and need to move out some smaller tanks for space in the meantime. Can bring any of the following to the meeting tomorrow: 20H tanks, up to 6 available, with plastic lids $20 (one eclipse hood for +$20) 10g tanks, up to 10 available; $6 with no lid...
  11. frankoq

    Getting out the hobby. Lots of fish, tanks and equipment for sale

    Getting out the hobby. :sad0017: Lots of fish, tanks and equipment for sale Work has been crazy busy this year and does not look like it will get better anytime soon. As a result, I’ve decided to leave the hobby, as I do not have enough time for the family and the fish. I'm in...
  12. Spine

    What would you do with two 52gal corner tanks?

    I have two oceanic 52gal corner tanks that I'm trying to decide on how to set them up. I've thought about doing one saltwater and the other fresh. Maybe planting them and using them as bookends for a couch. Nothing seems to stand out right now,any ideas, what would you do?
  13. JP75

    Getting out the hobby. Lots of fish, tanks and equipment for sale

    Hello fellow club members, Unfortunately I am selling my house and will not be able to set up any of my tanks in my new place. So I will be getting out the hobby for a while. Posting here first then going on craiglist. I am very motivated to sell and am willing to be flexible on all...
  14. thedavidzoo

    FS: tanks and assorted fish stuff

    Cleaning out my accumulated junk. Please make a fair offer on the tanks. Pretty much everything else costs what you feel like giving me. I am not sure if I will be at the June meeting. July meeting will probably work. Otherwise you can pickup anytime. HEX tank, glass lid, light and stand...
  15. Termato

    Growth of Planted Tanks in the Fish Apartment

    I'll be using this thread to track the progress of growth on my tanks. Using pictures to display change of layout and growth overtime. I'll be displaying the following tanks. These photos are from last week and I'll be posting a comparison shot of a few tanks later today. In the one week, there...
  16. mchambers

    And you thought you had problems keeping fish in tanks

    Funny story about an octopus that escaped from New Zealand's National Aquarium. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/animalia/wp/2016/04/13/octopus-slips-out-of-aquarium-tank-crawls-across-floor-escapes-down-pipe-to-ocean/
  17. carl_d_c

    New tanks!

    It's funny... had one three gallon cube at the first of the year, up to eight. Set up a new rack with two 33 gallon, and two 15 gallon tanks, and the wife hardly fussed at all! I had told her that life is too short for me to have all my tanks in storage (the other half are still there)
  18. S

    RECALLS - Tanks, Bowls, Lights, Filters, Heaters,

    Hey, all, You know all that equipment that crapped out on you, costing you time and money? Time to get it replaced! You may even have some of this equipment still in use, somewhere in your fish rooms, dens or family rooms, kids' rooms, or in your place of business with not a clue as to the...
  19. S

    Lots of acrylic tanks, set-ups, equip't for sale or trade

    Please see my CL listings: Acrylic Aquariums! Aquarium Equip't: http://baltimore.craigslist.org/pet/5469648697.html?lang=en&cc=us 55 gallon set-ups http://baltimore.craigslist.org/pet/5485819548.html?lang=en&cc=us 30 gallon - long Aquarium...
  20. TeamPisces

    managing multiple tanks

    Would love to have multiple tanks. The most ideal space for me is the basement where 90% of the space is carpeted. To those have a fish room and multiple tanks, could you describe your maintenance schedule (water changes, cleaning)? Did any of you have to do any extra electrical work to...