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  1. lkelly

    Lane's Table (preorders too)

    Since I'm coming up from Richmond and it's a bit of a challenge to hold fish all the way to Sunday, preference will be given to anyone who wants to meet and pick things up Friday. Fish Aulonocara stuartgranti "Chipoka" 1M/2F 3" trios: $40 1" unsexed juveniles: $6 Pics of some of the...
  2. verbal

    Verbal's Fish and More(Lane's table)

    I will be selling from a table with Lane and Lucas. I can bring some equipment and individual fish as pre-sales: 180 gallon stand - $40 15 gallon tank - fish room condition - $10 Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit- 5 gallon - NIB - $45(50% of retail) Misc mbuna - some type of blue mbuna -...
  3. Pat Kelly

    Pat's Table for the Market Place on Sunday.

    I will use this thread to post what I am bringing on Sunday. Remember, as in years past, I do not take preorders or sell these fish in advance. The idea of people paying to get in to the room is that there will be fish there on a first come first served basis. Please do not pm me for any...
  4. jonclark96

    Have You Registered For Your Table in the Marketplace Yet?

    Folks: We are less than 2 months out from The Big Fish Deal. We've already booked about 40% of the tables available in the Marketplace. Don't miss out, as space is limited! If you have questions about the Marketplace or being a vendor, please post them up here! Thanks, Jon
  5. festaedan

    Dan's Table

    A little late to post what I'm selling but here's the list
  6. Siklid

    AM3 Table - Driftwood

    I am selling the attached pieces of driftwood at my table at AM3. The piece labeled "F" is large (24 in tall and 20 in wide). Please PM me if you would like to reserve one prior to the event. Thanks,
  7. Andrewtfw

    Please help out at the BFD Registration table

    Hello friends, Based on the feedback of those who volunteered at the registration table last year, I am scaling back the number of volunteers per hour that I am requesting this year. Unless otherwise noted, each time slot is to be filled by one person. If you are willing to donate an hour...
  8. jonclark96

    Get Your Table for The BFD Now!

    Hey CCA, We are only 8 short weeks away from the Big Fish Deal! Please make sure that you register now and get your table in the Marketplace if you plan on selling fish. There are only a limited amount of tables to be had and they won't last forever. Not sure if you have enough stuff to...
  9. Greengirl

    Charity Angels table

    Hello, I have a nice supply of beautiful high coverage orange and red superveiled angelfish juvies. They are nickel to quarter sized. I will also be selling special color enhancing food I made myself. Half of all the money I make will go to the Lindsey Joelle Miller Memorial fund that supports...
  10. D

    Doug's Table at AM2

    Wet/Dry filter $125 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9yfkk1nyxrb5xl8/YrP9pnlp7P sump is 37"L x 11W x 12h overall with chambers is 16.75" tall 2 chambers measure 13.875"L x 10.25W x 10.375H each It was used 1 year while I was doing killifish. Has a crack above the water line on the back and is...
  11. DonkeyFish

    Jen's Table of Awesomeness at AquaMania! (LOL)

    Was trying for a good marketing "catch" there with the title... ;) Sorry I haven't been around. Like for awhile. Pat just got me straightened out on here so I figured I'd post up and get some interest going for this weekend. You want plants? I got plants. And I'll help make sure you get...
  12. genome

    What has Genome to bring to the table ?

    Well the following is what I have in mind. Pseudotropheus acei (Yellow Tail) 2-3 inches juveniles (Group of 5) will bring along 6 groups - Photo below Aulonocara jacobfreibergi "Otter Point" Breeding Groups (1 Colored Male - 3 Females) Will have 3 groups - One of my breeding male featured below...
  13. chriscoli

    Christine's Table at AquaMania

    Here are a few of the things I might be bringing....I'll post pics as soon as I can. Metriaclima glaucos Kanjindo Rocks "Flameback" ~1 to 1.5 in. Pseudotropheus cyaneorhabdos Maingano ~ 1 in. Amatitlania (cryptoheros) coatepeque juvies ~ 1 in. Pelvicachromis taeniatus Moliwe - young pairs...
  14. mchambers

    Matt Chambers's table at Aquamania 2

    I'll be sharing a table with Esther David. I'll have: Pairs of Pelvicachromis Taeniatus "Lobe" juveniles, $15 Pairs of Pelvicachromis Taeniatus "Moliwe" juveniles, $15 Red Cherry Shrimp, 12+ for $10 Proven Breeding Pair of Rainbow Cichlids, Archocentrus Multispinosus, $12 Pair of...
  15. P

    Larry't Table at the Aquamania2 Marketplace

    i'm going to have a number of things at the market. Here's some of what I have planned to bring: A few pair of black bar endlers Some pairs of xiphophorus nezahualcoyotl A number of Ancistrus triradiatus (bagged individually) Three (bagged individually) American Sirens - over 12" each...
  16. festaedan

    Dan's table at Aquamania

    Hey guys. I decided to post up what I'll be selling at aquamania. Lucas (Forester) has posted most of it up on his thread but I decided to make my own thread for it so my stuff wouldn't get mixed up or confused with his. All prices are negotiable and Im open for trades. If you want to reserve...
  17. Frank Cowherd

    Frank's Table at Aquamania2

    I have available for pre-order onlya couple or more things. I will deliver these to the convention on any of the days: Fri, Sat, or Sun. One pair of SILVER angelfish -- have raised two batches of fry from these guys -- $20. One pair of VELVET BLACK angelfish -- have raised a couple batches...
  18. Pat Kelly

    Pat's table at AquaMania2

    In an effort to stir up a little interest I will post a few items that I will have at the event on Sunday. There will be some Aulonacara Chilumba males. This is the dad. And a few males from this guy too. Ruby Red
  19. Andrewtfw

    Registration Table at AM2: Help Wanted

    This is a request for help running the Registration table at AM2. Thank you to Christine, Bruce, Becca and Matt Chambers who have contacted me directly to see how they can help out and ensure that all patrons have a great time. I will do my best to accommodate your schedule. Please PM me...
  20. dogofwar

    Thanks House of Tropicals - Welcome Table Sponsor at AquaMania 2 (The Big Fish Deal)

    Thanks House of Tropicals (www.houseoftropical.net) for sponsoring the Welcome Table at AquaMania 2 (The Big Fish Deal) and for providing gravel and plastic plants for the "Give a Kid a Tank Competition"! Look out for some awesome gift cards up for raffle at AquaMania 2 (The Big Fish Deal) and...