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Which angel should I get?


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I have access to red back manacapuru and rio nanay scalares, which should I get a pair of?
not the exact fish but here's the manas for reference
same deal, not exact fish but here's the rio nanay angels for reference
not my pictures, credit goes to the owners of the fish/photographers


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I have always thought that the manacapuru angels were beautiful. I have also heard that they are pretty aggressive for angels.


Red backs are harder to come by, but be careful as there are two types from Manacapuru - one expresses the red back & one does not. I was told the color difference comes from river fish vs lake fish, but don't know how true that is. Also the color of the fish in both of those pics looks highly doctored - the nanays in particular. I've kept them before & while they do express a blue sheen when they get fully acclimated & comfortable(took mine 6mos before it really started to show) it is FAR more subdued than the blue on those angels


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I think you should go with the Manacapuru angels as they are not readily availabile as compared to the Rio nanay. I also think you should share the source, as I would also be interested in the Manacapuru angels.