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the BFD isn't going to be cancelled because of this whole pandemic thing right?


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It is not currently cancelled and those sick or showing flu-like symptoms are politely asked to refrain from attending the event


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I don't care what kind of pandemic is going on. If you're sick, stay home, always.

COVID isn't any different than any other flu going around -- in fact, its probably less dangerous, and more mild. While people are going into hysteria about it, the CDC and other agencies are offering rather common sense guidelines for avoiding catching any disease. If you're sick, stay home (quarantine). If you might be getting sick, do the same. Wash your hands regularly, and don't touch potentially germy surfaces and then your face / eyes / etc. Stay away from Becca's kids.


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And, as of right now, the event is currently on -- I think it unlikely to be cancelled at this time.


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We've confirmed with the hotel that the event can be and still will be held. As mentioned, stay home if you feel sick, otherwise, please show up and enjoy the festivities!

The hotel is taking extra cleaning tasks for precautionary measure, and has several Purell stations set up.


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That's good, and yeah I don't understand this whole hysteria thing but at least I get 2 free weeks off from school. Hope to see everyone there (and in good health)