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The April meeting of the CCA

Discussion in 'Next Meeting' started by Pat Kelly, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Pat Kelly

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    #1 Pat Kelly, Mar 11, 2012
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    Last meeting
    Anton Lamboj

    Thank you everyone for another great meeting.
    Next one soon

    ANTON LAMBOJ was born 1956 and has been an aquarist since the age of ten. Around 1980, he began to take a special interest in the cichlids of West and Central Africa. This interests led, in 1988, to the beginning of his academic education at the University of Vienna. Works for Master degree and PhD were focussed on the systematics of West African cichlids, which still is the main work and aquaristic interest too. Since 1998, he works as lecturer and associated scientist of the University of Vienna. His work combines morphological and anatomical methods as well as ethological studies and molecular methods.
    As an aquarist, he is interested in many other groups of fish (every fish is of interest and beautiful), with some more detailed interest in Anabantoids (especially the genera Betta and Parosphromenus) and West African Killies. Over the last years, the interest for some South American cichlids (Gymnogeophagus) increased too.
    Other hobbies done with passion is keeping orchids in a small greenhouse, gardening, keeping and breeding exotic birds and diving (all connecting with a lot of photographing).
    Over the years, Anton Lamboj has made 17 field/collecting trips to Africa, additionally some trips to South East Asia, Central America and South America. Recently, he holds about 45 tanks to breed and to study his fish, he has authored more then 300 papers (both academic and hobbist) in ten languages, including four books (numbers 5 and 6 are in production) and contributions to more than 35 other books (aquaristic as well as scientific ones).
    He also is research associate of the American Museum of Natural History in New York, president of the Austrian Association of Aquarium and Terrarium Clubs (OEVVOE), vice president of the European Aquarium and Terrarium Assoc. (EATA), editor for West African cichlids and Dwarf Cichlids for the DCG-Info (journal of the DCG = German Cichlid Association), chief editor of aqua-terra-austria (Austrian aquarium and terrarium journal), curator at the C.A.R.E.S. program and at Cichlid Room Companion and honorary member of the French Cichlid Assoc. (AFC) and the Hill Country Cichlid Club (HCCC), Texas. 2011 he also was honoured for his international work for the hobby as a Mastre fdral daquariophilie by the French Aquarium Federation FFA.

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