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Table for Rainforest Experience

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Rainforest Experience Stock List:

Tanks/ supplies:

Used 65 gallon drilled tank
2-20 gallon used tanks
4' HOT5 used
3' HOT5 used
LED lights

Tiger Lotus
Java Moss
Jungle Val

L46- Pre-Sale only
German Blue Rams
Electric Blue Rams
Various Corys
Cardinal and rummynose tetras- Pre-Sale Only due to stress sensative fish

Manzanita driftwood- 12"-36" pieces
Seiryu Stones- Sold by the pound
Paladrium materials and possibly plants too
Indian Almond Leaves

I may have more if above items sell before AquaMania
What brand is the 4' T5HO? What size and brand are the LED lights?

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The HOT5s are the two bulb Marineland Glos and the LEDs are some that a friend of mine and I have been working on. They are custom manufactured in China to our specs. They have been doing/ working great on my Vivariums and the few aquariums I have them over
Sold out of the 36" and larger pieces of driftwood. If interested pm me and ill see what I can do to order more. Deposit required though
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