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Photographer for AquaMania


Okay, I have created a Photobucket account for use. I will shortly PM the account name and password to the photography volunteers in this thread, including Li, and Matt, Jon and Tony in case you guys want to source for official use.

If you didn't get the password and have photos to upload, just PM me or email me and I will supply the password after confirming you're a real AquaMania attendee and not creepy.

I will plan to tag my photos to the different AquaMania activities (Aquarium Beautiful, Kids Contest, Vendors, etc.) so it's easy to organize them; I'll make a sweep of untagged stuff after the weekend and see if I can tag 'em up.


Okay, if you volunteered or are interested, and did not receive a PM from me, let me know.

(I can only send to 5 people at a time so I sent multiple batches... in case you don't see someone on my distro you think should be there hopefully that's why.)


invert junkie
i would like to be able to forward some pics onto Xtreme, if you could let me know the info as well, please