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My Plexi Breeder Boxes


New Member
Hi everyone,

Here are some images of the clear plastic breeder boxes that I produce and sell.
They are 13" long and mount up inside the tank using 2 very strong neodymium magnets.
There is a good lid on them to prevent jumping and escaping.
Quality is very high and you can close your aquarium lid when using them thus reducing evaporation, general ugliness, and jumping.

I will start offering them for sale here soon, for now just wanted everyone to become familiar with them.






Thanks for looking.

Can you ship to U.K?


I was in need of a breeder box so I bought two. Did a water change now I have the need for two. Wish I had brought three seems my water changes bring on breeding.


Bearded Wonder
Staff member
They look great. I would like to try building something like it on my own. I'm a DIY guy. I'm assuming you use acrylic/plastic that you can buy at a Lowes or Home Depot?


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I have a couple of these - they are great, unless you get the magnets stuck together... then you're in trouble!!!

Wet Sleeves

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Jesse picked one up for me when he went to ecc can't wait to get it from him, I have lots of fry to test it with
Why you holding out Reed??? :D What kind of good stuff you got brewing up?... EDIT... Now I notice the 2014 date on this. :eek:

Jim Anderson

That’s a shame I have one and just used it. They are great. As said earlier by Becca don’t get the magnets stuck together.


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could any one post a picture of one the photbucket images are not loading for me, I would like to use it as a template for a plant box for marginal plants in one of my tanks.