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Mini-auction rules for the Capital Cichlid Association, Inc.

(Hereafter known as CCA or “the clubâ€)

Mini Auction Definition

The mini-auction is held during a regular monthly meeting. Fish and fish-related items are offered for bid to those in attendance. The items usually auctioned off are the property of the membership, donations from members and speakers, or items donated by manufacturers and sponsors of the club.
The mini-auction is one facet of the meeting that allows members of CCA to buy fish, sell fish, and raise money for the club. The auction also provides the membership an avenue to diversify existing bloodlines of their stock and acquire new and rare species. The members may also acquire Breeder’s Award points by selling the required amount of fry from each brood in the mini-auction.

Mini Auction General Rules

All items must be preregistered using My Group Auctions (www.mygroupauctions.com) prior to the beginning of the Mini Auction.
All bags must be properly labeled with the lot number and identification of the contents with the label provided by My Group Auctions. This needs to be completed prior to arrival at the meeting. Labels will not be provided by the club.
All live fish must be properly bagged in bags designated for fish. Fish brought in zip-top or other non-fish bags will not be accepted. Make sure the bag is large enough for the species and always have about 1/3 water and 2/3 air or oxygen. Large aggressive fish must be triple bagged. If bags are available the fish could be re-bagged for a $5.00 fee.
The auctioneer will start the bidding by asking for a dollar amount that he or she sees as a reasonable starting bid. Items will increase by $1.00 until they get to $10.00, at which point subsequent bids will increase by $2.00. If the item is a “high dollar†item, the auctioneer may ask for bids at a $5.00 interval. A seller may put a “reserve price†or minimum bid amount on the item at their discretion. This information must be marked on the item as well as during registration with My Group Auctions.
Items for the Breeders Award program should also be marked accordingly.
Any item that does not receive a reasonable offer will be put back on the table and re-offered at the end of the Mini Auction.
Any item that does not bring the reserve price will not be sold, unless the seller agrees to lower the reserve at the end of the auction.
Any person who has been banned from membership in the CCA will not be allowed to bid on or sell any item or attend any CCA functions.
Once the speaker has started, no fish will be accepted or placed on the viewing table until the speaker’s presentation has concluded.
No person is allowed to approach the viewing table to look at the items during the speaker’s presentation.

Mini Auction Donations

Donations are items that the manufacturers, local fish stores, online retailers, members, speakers, or others have given to the club. The full amount obtained from the auctioning of these items goes to the club to offset the costs of running the meetings.

Sellers at the Mini Auctions

Members: For each item, the club retains the first $2.00 collected, plus 20% of the selling price from each item. The club/seller splits are rounded up or down to the closest dollar. There is a 15 item limit per member or family except for items donated.
Non-Members: Non CCA club members are not allowed to enter items into the auction unless they are donations to the club. Selling items in the Mini Auction is a membership benefit.
All bags must be properly bagged and marked with the name of the fish.
All known or suspected hybrids must be labeled as such and must be made known or announced prior to the start of bidding for that item.
No small individual foods or chemicals will be accepted. Small items such as the $1.00 or $2.00 or sample size items, should be bagged together to sell
No open containers of food or chemicals will be allowed. Non-working equipment will not be allowed.
Sellers will receive their payout at the end of the Mini Auction. No monies will be given out before the end without prior consent of the Treasurer of the CCA.
Buyers at the Mini Auctions <H5>
Anyone (including nonmembers) may participate as buyers, except for any person who is banned from the club.
Persons bidding on items will not need to register.
The mini-auction will not have bidder numbers.
When a bidder wins an item, a runner will bring that item to the bidder and, in turn, will collect the money immediately.
Members may, at the discretion of the Treasurer or the Auction recorder, run a tab.

Any of the rules may be changed without notification by a vote of the Board of Directors of the CCA.
The final say on any rule of discussion will be by the Board of Directors or the President of the CCA.
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