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Lots of cool stuff


Went to House of Tropicals last night and saw some really, really cool fish...

A few highlights:

Benthochromis tricoti
Aequidens tetramerus
Aulonocara "Lwanda"

Chile rasbora
Exclamation point rasbora

Plus two favorite gouramis that are nicer than I've seen in a long time:

Wild-type honey gourami
Blue paradisefish

Well worth a trip if you haven't been in a while.


I think the "Aequidens tetramerus" are actually Laetecara...but cool anyway!

Rats! Was just there today and did not see them! Where were they?

Last time I saw Laetacara there, the best ID I could get was either L. flavilabris or L. fulvipinnis. Either way, they turned into beautiful fish w/ huge front-of-glass personalities. They were selling them as Dwarf Pale Flag Cichlids.