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  1. frankoq

    Getting out the hobby. Lots of fish, tanks and equipment for sale

    Getting out the hobby. :sad0017: Lots of fish, tanks and equipment for sale Work has been crazy busy this year and does not look like it will get better anytime soon. As a result, I’ve decided to leave the hobby, as I do not have enough time for the family and the fish. I'm in...
  2. JP75

    Getting out the hobby. Lots of fish, tanks and equipment for sale

    Hello fellow club members, Unfortunately I am selling my house and will not be able to set up any of my tanks in my new place. So I will be getting out the hobby for a while. Posting here first then going on craiglist. I am very motivated to sell and am willing to be flexible on all...
  3. S

    Lots of acrylic tanks, set-ups, equip't for sale or trade

    Please see my CL listings: Acrylic Aquariums! Aquarium Equip't: http://baltimore.craigslist.org/pet/5469648697.html?lang=en&cc=us 55 gallon set-ups http://baltimore.craigslist.org/pet/5485819548.html?lang=en&cc=us 30 gallon - long Aquarium...
  4. festaedan

    Lots of nice fish for sale

    Hey guys Looking to move some fish 25 von rio tetras - $1.50 a piece or all 25 for $30 20 +/- panda cories - $3 a piece or all for $40 Breeding pair of kribs - $10 breeding group of bleeding heart tetras (2m2f) - $15 for the group or $10 a pair 4 smaller kribs - $3 a piece or all 4 for $10 6...
  5. frkyltn

    FS: 29 gallon bowfront with lots of extras

    For sale - 29 gallon bowfront (**no stand**) with lots of extras. $65 for the 29 gallon tank plus all the decor in tank shown in pics. comes with glass tops, light, heater, and air pump, topfin 30 filter(no media)..extras included with the tank - a 10 gallon tank(no hood) comes with a light...
  6. festaedan

    Lots of self cloning crayfish babies

    Hey guys I didnt know which forum to post this to so im sorry if there is a more appropriate forum Anyway, my largest female dropped allot of fry this morning and they are doing great. This is the most fry I've gotten from a single crayfish. I'll probably end up using most of them for live...
  7. festaedan

    WTB:silver dollars, and lots of 'em!

    Hey guys I would love to get at least 12 silver dollars but prefferabely more like 20-25 I would prefer juvenile/young adult silver dollars but I would also like a few larger ones that can survive living with the trimacs. Thanks!
  8. festaedan

    FS/FT: lots of fish and snails

    Hey guys Have a couple different kinds of fish for sale. Live bearers: ameca splendens -limited quantities- 6 for $25 (a CARES fish) limia nigrofaciata -limited quantities- 6 for $15 zoogoneticus tequila -extremely limited quantities- 6 for $30 (Extremely rare CARES fish) Will soon have...
  9. 1


    Okay I need to get rid of a lot of stuff: 90g Marineland with corner overflow, black cabinet stand, 20g eshopps trickle sump - $150 65g acrylic tank with stand, canopy, metal halide lights, super actinic lights and (2) iwaki 950gph pumps - $200 55g oceanic. Cream color with matching stand...
  10. festaedan

    WTS/WTT lots of red snakeskin guppies

    Hey guys I have been working with strain for a little while and I'm really happy with how the young males are turning out. They've been allot of fun but I'd like to move on to a new strain. You're probably thinking, "Dan, why not just keep multiple strains?". Well, I like to only breed one...
  11. festaedan

    FS: lots of stuff

    Hi guys, all prices are negotiable and I am willing to make trades. Fish: 8" blue line pimelodus catfish (pimilodus gracillis) eating well, surprisingly peaceful $20 Adult pair of chapalicthys encaustus $10 F1 amatitlania siquia "tempisque" fry $3 a piece, $12 for 6, $30 for 20 Gold...
  12. dogofwar

    Lots of AquaMania Shirts

    Lots of AquaMania shirts at the ACA this week... along with the artist who drew it (Sam Garcia). Matt
  13. Becca

    For Sale - Lots of stuff

    55-gallon stand $70 - double stand with cabinet facade which can be used or set aside. 29 gallon metal stand - $20. 10 gallon tank with cabinet stand, incandescent light fixture and most of a hood (front section is missing) - $30. Brown hood and fluorescent fixture for 20 gallon (high)...
  14. A

    Dalmatian Mollies, lots of them!

    I have a lot of Dalmatian Mollies who need a good home. They do REALLY good in my tanks. I live in Gaithersburg, MD but sometimes work down in VA. Please contact me if you are interested. I can provide you 1-20 of multiple sizes and ages. Send me an email.
  15. jonclark96

    Spring Time + Storms + Missing a Water Change = Lots of Spawns

    Life has been pretty busy for me recently, and admittedly, I haven't spent as much time in the fish room as I should. I missed doing water changes last week, but it doesn't seem to have bothered my fish one bit. I spent some time checking on all my tanks this evening, and I have fry all over the...
  16. festaedan

    WTB lights, tops/hoods, heaters, and lots of sponge filters

    Hey guys! looking for the items above for decent price. Im trying to start a good sized fishroom so I'll need allot fo those, especially sponge filters. Also, if you have any cheap tanks or stand I'd be interested in those too. Thanks!
  17. kevin911

    WTB lots of snails

    I'm looking for some snails as treats for my clown loaches. Sent from my HTC One using MonsterAquariaNetwork App
  18. kevin911

    FS: Lots of Junk

    36'' (2) Single Strip light $35 each / $50 both 36'' Aqueon T5 Dual bulbs plus 2 more Spare bulbs : $75 36'' Led Marineland Double Bright $79 48'' Led Marineland Double Bright $99 Pro Aquatic 400 Wet Dry filter (42x12x15) $275 48'' Deep Blue Solar Extreme T5 H.O. Quad Light System with...
  19. Avatar

    Lots of great fish & equipment left

    Available by appointment mostly all week - that means call ahead - (415) 632-7174 - to make sure I'm here at 2615 13th Street NW, Washington DC between Euclid & Irving on the Yellow/Green lines halfway between the "U" Street and Columbia Heights Metro stations. This is what remains...
  20. kevin911

    Lots for sale :)

    I'm looking to downsize, any help is appreciated it. http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/for/3957940151.html