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Group Order from aquaticclarity.com for BFD delivery


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Hi Everyone, I'll be sending some rare fish donations that will be auctioned off at the BFD this year. Along with those fish I can send orders for anyone attending the BFD. Along with NO SHIPPING COSTS (The CCA is picking up the shipping charges) all orders placed to ship with the donated rare fish will receive a 10% discount. You can find my stock list at www.aquaticclarity.com and contact me with your order or questions right through my web site. PLEASE be sure to include "CCA BFD Group Order" in the title or body of the email so I can keep things straight from the other group order I'm working on.

If you check out my web site right now I just posted several Pre-Order lists for South American cichlids, West African Jurrasic fish, and West African catfish. You can order from these lists for delivery to the BFD but I need your order for any of the those fish by tonight so I can get them added to my shipment coming in this week.



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Prince Prince - this is someone who has access to Rehoboth Aquatics, the wholesaler with the Bichir you were interested in.


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Last Call on the pre-order lists I posted. I need to get my order in so I get the fish early this week when I'm available.


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I'll be updating my in-stock list this week. I just got a few Colombian fish in today (worst fill rate ever!) and I have a ton of stock arriving Tuesday morning.

Cut off to order for BFD Delivery, the Wednesday before the event. But sooner is better so I don't sell out what you want!


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Just a few things to add to the list (all tank raised):
Hyphessobrycon amapaensis $9 each 8+ $8 each
Nanacara anomala $10 each 6+ $9 each
Ivanacara adoketa $30 each 6+ $25 each
Apisto. cacatuoides double/triple red (bigger size this time) $40/trio

Peru shipment (LOTS of dwarf cichlids and a few tetras) arrives next week
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