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BFD tables, who else got one, and what are you selling?


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I'll be selling guppies (males), a group of swordtails, (hybrid) peacocks, and I thought I'd might as well try to sell off the female rainbow cichlid I got from the last meeting since the male hasn't been too nice to her. I'm only keeping the male because he colored up alot nicer than I expected, other than that the female dulled down and hides. He must have hit pretty hard at one point, she swims leaning to one side now. I won't sell her for much.
I'll also see how many 10 gallon stands I can fit in the trunk of my dad's car, and once I figure that out I'll start building a bunch to sell at the BFD.
edit: I can make 3-4.
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yea, i'll just check everything out when i'm there. if it sells before i can see it then my loss :(


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These fish plus some aqua clear filters, eggtumblers , and misc. what ever else I can find on that day. There will be other fish also just not sure until the day of.
Stop buy and see me offers excepted .

Albino bristlenose pleco with 24 text.jpg

albino cory.jpg

Aul_ruby_red_albino with 24 text.jpg

-aulonocara-jacobfreibergi Caroli 18 text.jpg

bristlenose with 24 text.jpg

calico bristlenose pleco 9 x 11 -2.jpg

Green Dragon Standard fin 9 x 11.jpg

Kigoma Red Comps 9 x 11.jpg

l333 Tiger Pleco 9 x 11.jpg

Long Fin Green Dragon 9 x 11.jpg

lufubu comp with 14 text.jpg

Red Swordtail 9 x 11.jpg

Sterbi Cories 9 x 11.jpg

Tsano Rock with text.jpg

WhiteLab with text.jpg


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Definitely swinging by this table as well.