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BFD Photos


Can we use this thread to capture photos from BFD - Fish, setups, equipments, 'stuff', attending members...

if you are at BFD and if you took some pics just share it here...


Pat Kelly

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As is usually the case, I set up a section for photos and I only take a few myself.....grr

I am sure you will see better pictures but here are the few I took with my phone.

These were just great!
Good job Jeff

The donated fish viewing area

Bruce Wayne's set up. Batfish!

Your Fish Stuff

Tangled up in Cichlids. Jeff Rapps

The Kids contest.

Discus Hans brought this idea to the US,
but nobody does a better job of promoting and keeping this alive than Matt Quinn.
This is Matt's baby and its a labor of love for him.
Thank you Matt for all you do with this.

Saturday afternoon after one of the talks. Over 200 people in the room. This is just the front of the room.
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These were my tanks from the AB Competition. It was truly inspiring to see everyone's creativity on display! Can't wait for next year