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  1. rawdeakka

    Malawi photos

    A few photos of some of my fish, many of which i purchased from different group members.
  2. A

    GT update with photos

    You may have seen posts in the last few months about my sick GT. He had some kind of infection which gave him the white stringy poop and a horrible case of tail rot. He is still the most stubborn eater ever, only taking crickets and earthworms but will not touch pellets. Anyway, he is definitely...
  3. D

    BFD Photos

    Can we use this thread to capture photos from BFD - Fish, setups, equipments, 'stuff', attending members... if you are at BFD and if you took some pics just share it here... Cheers!!
  4. Becca

    Photos - Biotoecus opercularis and others

    I spent some time playing with the camera yesterday. None of the photos actually do the fish justice, but hey, I tried!
  5. Hannibal

    April photos

    Can we email these whenever or do we have to wait until the call for photos?
  6. gravel_digger

    AquaMania 2 Photos

    I finally got them uploaded after the last 2 weeks I have had. Hope you all enjoy. http://s64.photobucket.com/user/tgrandall/library/
  7. Pat Kelly

    Call for March photos

    Hello everyone, Lets get your photos in for the month. I did get one last night. Send as an attachment to finman1957@verizon.net
  8. W

    Call for February Photos

    Please send your Feb entries to me at wendyfish1337@gmail.com Must be a CAA club member (not just a forum member) to enter - if I don't know your email I will ask to verify. Let's have a great contest! :D
  9. johnscottant

    photos from our CCY cichlid show

    Hope it is ok to share some photos here of our meeting and cichlid show held on Saturday,
  10. W

    Call for January Photos

    Time to start the new year of PotM! I hope that during the photo of the year break that we have some photos queued up! Also in the last couple of years the first couple contests of the year have been light on entries - so if you've been in those tough fields of 10 entry contests later in...
  11. Becca

    Updated tank photos

    The rescaped 150: The rescaped 29: The "new" 55:
  12. W

    Call for November Photos

    You know what to do! Email me your photo at wendyfish1337@gmail.com. Must be a member (club member not just forum member) to enter. If I don't already know or recognize your forum handle, I may ask for it to verify your membership. Looking forward to another great contest! Also check out...
  13. johnscottant

    My Mo Devlin inspired photos of my cichlid room

    My Mo Devlin inspired photos of my cichlid room. It was great having Matt Quinn speak at our CCY meeting and then stop by my house and check out my tanks!
  14. W

    Call for October Photos

    Please send your October PotM entries to me at wendyfish1337@gmail.com! Remember, you must be a CCA club member (not just a forum member) to enter. If I don't already have you in my archives, I may ask for your forum handle to verify your membership. After a few months of chock-full...
  15. W

    Call for September Photos

    Please send photo entries to me at WendyFish1337@gmail.com Reminder, you must be a CCA club member (not just a forum member) to enter! I have already been receiving entries for this month's contest. All 10 slots have been filling up in recent months, so if you want to enter, send soon!
  16. W

    Call for August Photos

    Send em in! You can email them to me at wendyfish1337@gmail.com. Please remember, you must be a club member (not just a forum member) to enter. I have 3 right now!
  17. W

    It's that time again - July Photos

    Send 'em to me! wendyfish1337@gmail.com Reminder, you must be a CLUB member to enter. Looking forward to seeing these entries!
  18. W

    Call for June Photos

    Please send me your photos for June! May was a great field of pics, so I'm looking forward to some more super entries. Email to me at wendyfish1337@gmail.com by the 10th. You must be a paid CCA member (not just a forum member) in order to enter.
  19. W

    Call for May Photos

    I already have TWO photos for May! Awesome! Just a reminder, send your photos to me by the 10th at WendyFish1337@gmail.com. Must be a paid CCA member to enter, and check out the rules in the sticky!
  20. W

    Call for April photos

    I'm soliciting photos for the April contest, accepted through 4/10 or when the contest fills up. You have to play to win! Dues paid CCA members only (membership has its privileges!). Send your photos to me at WendyFish1337@gmail.com