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I'll check with my mom. I want to be a vendor, but I will have to look and see about it...
The format is different for Aquafest. It is an auction, so you can just register your items and bring them on Sunday to be auction. It basically is a large(typically 800+) version of our "mini-auctions".

This year a tag sale will be added. This is a great way to sell something that has a fixed price or multiple lots. There are automatic price reductions so most items sell in the format.


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Zack - Unless you have a lot to sell, putting bags in the auction is the way to go. The vendors at AquaFest will be like the tables that YourFishStuff and Stith Aquatics had set up during the day on Saturday at AquaMania.


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Zack - Unless you have a lot to sell, putting bags in the auction is the way to go. The vendors at AquaFest will be like the tables that YourFishStuff and Stith Aquatics had set up during the day on Saturday at AquaMania.
One thing about the tag sale vs. the auction is the rules state a maximum of 5 similar items in the auction. Honestly I think 2 is a better guideline. I think putting 2 in the auction and 3 in the tag sale will yield better results than 5 in the auction. The tag sale is also great for equipment and plants.


I have about 200 umbee juvies to sell. Would it be best to tag sell them? Or try the auction? Or both?

Don't try to sell them all at the same venue. You'll kill the market.

It would hurt you either way with that many. Bidders wouldnt bid them too high at the auction if they can find your lower tag price, and alot of people would wait on your tag prices to hit the auto drop windows if there were quite a few bags left.

I would spread out how you sell them. Craigslist, East Coast Monster Konvention, Monster Fish Keepers, CCA forum, etc. Allow you to get at least a decent price on the majority of your 200 that way.


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Put a bag or two in the auction... the number of folks who can accommodate umbees is pretty small!

I concur with Matt. Probably your best path forward for this event. Might try to work out putting a tank with a few more with someone that is selling from their room to get a few more sold and control the pricing.


So, I can only put 5 "sales" in the auctions and tag sales? Also, 1) What is a tag Sale?
and 2) Do you guys think people will b interested in Betta Splendens?

You can only put five sales of the same item in the auction. Tag sale is where you list the price on the bag description of what you want to get for selling the bag. If its sells you get that price minus the commission to the convention. If it doesnt sell before they hit the price reduction window, you can either withdraw your item or allow it to go forward at the reduced price. I believe there are two reduction windows during the day.


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Bump for AquaFest!

October 18-20
Dulles Hyatt
Herndon, Virginia

Great speakers, all day auction on Sunday, room sales fun on Friday night... and only $20!

You know you're coming...please help out the three clubs (PVAS, CCA and GWAPA) bringing you this awesome fish weekend...by registering today.

Just click this link and it will take you less than 30 seconds: http://aquafest2013.org/register.htm



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Just a reminder....if you're thinking about going to AquaFest, get yourself registered! It's coming up soon! Awesome speakers, Great vendors, and an all-day auction!

October 18, 19, 20


Friday, October 18
6-8 PM - Check-in, vendor floor set-up
8-9 PM - Gary Lange, "Rainbowfish"

Saturday, October 19 - Talks, Lunch, Vendors, Banquet
9 AM - Rhonda Delles, "Aquarium Plants"
10:30 AM - Segrest Farms presents: Dave Parks, "Wild to Tank"
12 noon - Lunch (on your own)
2 PM - Rachel O'Leary, "Micro Fish"
4 PM - Iron Aquascaper Competition with GWAPA
6-9 PM - Banquet: Gary Lange, "It’s Not a Problem, It’s an Adventure: Collecting Fish, Surviving and Expanding your Patience in a Third World Country"

Sunday, October 20 - All-Day Auction and Pizza Party
8 AM - Auction Registration
10 AM - Auction begins
12:30 - Pizza Party

Other Times:

Registration Desk:
Friday 6 PM- 10 PM
Saturday 8 AM- noon

Vendor Rooms:
Saturday 8 AM - 9 PM