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Algae question


Bearded Wonder
Staff member
Seachem makes great buffers that will help keep pH up. Mine kept drifting down into the low 6s too until I started using the buffers. My tap is over 8.0.


CCA Members
Turned out it was the substrate. LOL

All good now! Tank is almost cycled, the ammonia stage is done, the nitrite stage went from 2ppm to 0.25. I'd give till the weekend for a last test and a 50% water change. Almost shrimp ready.

Becca, could I grab some cherry shrimp off you on the weekend or next week?


CCA Members
Algae is almost gone too. Planted a red crypt about a week ago, and it's almost 1.5x in size now and plenty of new leaves that are a very nice dark shade of red/brown.