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  1. N

    Moving and need to give away my cichlids

    I've very much enjoyed watching my cichlids grow. I've had them since Nov 2013 when I bought them as tiny juveniles. I was new to the world of fish, but have learned a lot! I'm being transferred to Washington state in July, and though I was tempted to try to take them, I'm afraid they won't...
  2. dogofwar

    Give a Kid a Tank Video

    Thanks for posting a video of the fun! Matt GsOPFJGJPUg
  3. JLW

    Just want to give a big thank you to everyone

    Hey everyone, I just want to give a big, huge, shout-out thank you for all the support you guys are showing me and Batfish right now. It's a trying time, and my perseverance is definitely being tested -- but knowing that you all support me is a huge help! :) JW
  4. dogofwar

    Big AquaMania 2 Member Give Away!

    Details here: http://www.capitalcichlids.org/forums/showthread.php?t=20337
  5. ddavila06

    Fish/Plants give away w a twist-

    i got some free fish the other day and i dont want to keep them all so i decided i would give some around to the clubs: 3 tiger barbs 2black skirt tetras/CLAIMED one albino pleco and one common pleco that have bred red root floaters and amazon frogbit and water sprite this is the...
  6. A

    Give a kid a tank

    Hey guys, anybody know of any donation program or is anyone at least a member of one? would like to donate a tank.. pm me please.. thanks!
  7. dogofwar

    Deadline for Give a Kid a Tank entries - Sat Feb 23rd!!!

    Please get your entries in! Details and rules here: http://capitalcichlids.org/aquamania/?page_id=57 Thanks, Matt
  8. dogofwar

    Donations for Give a Kid a Tank Contest

    What's a better way to support the hobby than getting kids involved? That's why we're holding a Give a Kid a Tank Contest at AquaMania, where we're planning to award and raffle up to fifteen 10g set-ups (and other prizes). But we need your help and donations! We're raising funds for the kids'...
  9. dogofwar

    AquaMania Give a Kid a Tank Contest

    A key goal of AquaMania 2013 is to expose new participants to aquarium-keeping, to give them the support that they need to be successful and to inspire them to become lifelong aquarists. This starts with kids and families! In support of this goal, AquaMania is holding a contest to award...
  10. verbal

    PVAS - Give a Kid a Tank Deadline: 12/2

    From Sherry: Dear Friends of the Potomac Valley Aquarium Society, The holiday season is nearly upon us and for PVAS, our attention turns to our yearly fund-raiser to give tanks to needy kids. Last year we donated brand new beginner tank kits to kids through Our Neighbor's Child (...
  11. fishman13

    I give up

    I am givving up on african cichlids for a wile. I am getting back into SA cichlids.
  12. N

    Need to give away 8 cichlids

    We have 3 adult cichlids and 5 babies. The 2 adult males are 4 years old and about 5 inches long. The adult female is about 2 1/2- 3 inches long. The males do not get along, and are not good tank-mates. We live in Hagerstown MD, and will happily give them to anyone who will come and take...
  13. Pat Kelly

    Why we cancelled the Monster of a Tank Give Away.

    After having 2 successfull 90 gallon tank setup give aways, we have decided that this needed to stop. There have been many people that have made the comment that their spouse would kill them if they brought the prize home. Not everyone can use a big tank in their home or office. So because...
  14. J

    Leporinus to give away or swap

    We need a home for a beautiful 5" Leporinus (bright yellow and black stripes) so we can add cardinal tetras to our tank. Please contact Janet at three oh one seven nine three six six oh two. Rockville. Tetras are arriving Jan 20.
  15. Pat Kelly

    MONSTER OF A TANK GIVE AWAY #3**** Cancelled****

    Cancel the listing below. this promotion has been cancelled!!!! more information soon. . Monster of a Tank Give Away #2 winner Rules You must be a CCA Club member in good standing. You must be 18 or older. You are responsible for making sure that the person who is keeping track knows you...
  16. gardengirl

    Give a Kid a Tank This Holiday Season

    Hello Cichlid Fans! For the third year in a row, the Potomac Valley Aquarium Society is collecting funds for the "Give a Kid a Tank" fund. This fund purchases tank set-ups and gives them to needy kids during the holiday season through Our Neighbor's Child, a local non-profit organization...
  17. fischfan13

    LakeTang.com Give Away Contest!

    Just a heads up to those who entered the LakeTang.com Giveaway. The winners name has been drawn, and the video will be up later on LakeTang.com.
  18. W

    Fry Tank Crash #2, Give Eggs a Shot?

    We have a plagued 5 gallon tank. Story follows, but main question is the following: After stripping a combo of fry and eggs, all the fry have died. Don't know why (more on that below). We moved the eggs to the display tank where we knew the water would be safe (did not move any water to avoid...
  19. longstocking

    LakeTang.com Give Away Contest!

    So you want to know more? Well first off you have to join www.LakeTang.com ..... Every week there will be TWO questions about Lake Tang. posted on LakeTang.com. The questions could be on any day or at any time of the day (This is to make it fair for everyone around the world ). The answers to...
  20. msjinkzd

    can anyone give me couch space?

    Just realized my hotel reservation doesn't start until Thursday. Great planning, I know. I need to be down at the hotel to do the registration packets tuesday and then tank decorating/help out on Wednesday. Anyone have a nook or cranny they can shove me in for those nights? I don't relish the...