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  1. MDB_fish_newbie

    Free convicts feb meeting

    2 free convicts if anyone that will be at the meeting wants them i will bring them it would save me time from trying to meet random's from craigslist thank you
  2. Hannibal

    Jan, Feb, & March POTM winners.

    Unless we have made previous arrangements, your prize for winning the POTM contest will be delivered Saturday at the meeting. See you there and sorry it took longer than I had anticipated.
  3. rsretep

    Feb. meeting

    Would like to thank Shane for coming out and sharing his vast knowledge with us today. Great presentation, informative and interesting !!!!!
  4. Pat Kelly


    Next meeting - Feb 14th 2pm (doors open at 1!) Shane Linder will be speaking on: Exploring the Natural Habitats of Loricariidae
  5. mchambers

    Feb. 8 Meeting -- Pelvicachromis Taeniatus pairs

    I've got pairs of Pelvicachromis Taeniatus "Lobe" and "Moliwe" available to bring to the meeting this Saturday. $15 for a pair of juveniles. Also have 20+ Red Cherry Shrimp for $10. Matt
  6. Pat Kelly

    Feb meeting

    It's this week??? YES
  7. W

    29th Carolina Aquarium Workshop Feb. 14-16

    We have some great speakers lined up this year. Come down and warm up for a weekend. The Raleigh Aquarium Society Presents 29th Carolina Aquarium Workshop When: Feb. 14-16, 2014 Where: NC Fairgrounds, James Martin Bldg, 1025 Blue Ridge Rd, Raleigh NC 27607 What: Field trip...
  8. dogofwar

    AquaMania 2 in TFH (Page 40 of Feb Issue)

    I just got the Feb issue of TFH...and there's an advertisement for AquaMania 2 (The Big Fish Deal) on page 40! Thanks to our Platinum Sponsor Li and MFK for making this happen! If you haven't yet registered for AquaMania, please do before the meeting on Saturday. You never know whether...
  9. dogofwar

    Vendors at AquaMania 2 - The Big Fish Deal (Feb 28-Mar 2, 2014)

    Last year we had nearly three dozen vendors and hobbyist sellers at the AquaMania Marketplace (swap meet)... and many, many more who did group buys and donated fish and supplies. www.capitalcichlids.org/aquamania Who do you want to see at AquaMania 2? What do you want to buy? Post it...
  10. dogofwar

    Deadline for Give a Kid a Tank entries - Sat Feb 23rd!!!

    Please get your entries in! Details and rules here: http://capitalcichlids.org/aquamania/?page_id=57 Thanks, Matt
  11. cichlidshane

    Feb 9th 2013 meeting fish list?

    I am not yet a member but I may be interested in going to todays meeting to see about the club. I am interested in the fish that will be available today. I have a Mbuna tank and wanted to add a few new types of fish. I live in Fredericksburg and it is 1 1/2 hr drive to JFK HS. I was hoping to...
  12. Dmhcichlids


    I have a few things for tomorrows meeting. -25ft. python hose with all attachments. $20 -Coralife 12" double light fixture 2X18w plus moonlight (one bulb needs replacing dimensions (12"x7"x2 1/2"). Aluminum housing . Excellent condition with all legs intac. $25 (6) 2"-2 1/2" stuartgranti...
  13. Tony

    Feb BAP Presentations

    I talked to a few of you at the meeting the other day and touched on it during the announcements, but wanted to add more detail here. At February's meeting, a portion of the presentation will be given by last year's BAP participants. Not only will this be a chance to share hard-earned...
  14. Pat Kelly

    Thank you everyone for the Feb meeting.

    I wanted to thank everyone for todays meeting. We had some new members, a ton of items in the auction. I had several new people comment about the amount of people in the room. I had to laugh when I spotted 2 different people counting heads. I counted 3 times and with the few people that came...
  15. Pat Kelly

    Photo of the month Feb 2012

    Please vote for one Photo A Photo B Photo C Photo D Photo E
  16. Dmhcichlids

    Available for Feb meeting

    Deciding to downsize another tank. Available group of 6 kissi benba julies $20. These has has fry before. I got these from Caleb but decided to go in another direction. Also a 3"male dragonblood peocock $15.
  17. Dmhcichlids


    Have the following for sale. Can bring to the Feb CCA meeting. Pic is of ruby red father, electric yellow la and actual zebra obliquidens. -(2) 4" male zebra obliquedens $9 each -(6) 1 1/2" ruby reds from breeder male in pic (unsexed)$25 -(1pr) 3" albino dragonblood pair $30 -(10) 1" yellow...
  18. Frank Cowherd


    Gymnogeophagus balzanii also know as Argentine humphead or eartheater approximate 3 inch fish different view Pairs are $12 Also Aulonocara stuartgranti "Ngara Flametail" young seen in above pictures are about 3 inches $15 per pair PM me if interested
  19. longstocking

    Tangs/shrimp for sale... delivery at Feb. meeting

    I have a few tangs available that I can bring to the meeting this Sat. Petrochromis trewevasae 3/4ths of an inch. 18.00 each 6 available Tropheus sp. red lupota F1 1.25 inches 11.00 each 8 available Brevis minutus 1 inch 5.00 each Paracyprichromis neon blue 1 inch 9.00 each 6 available O...
  20. Pat Kelly

    photo request for Feb 2012

    Only a few days left and I only have like 3 photos.