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  1. Rajiv

    Tips on aging water for Discus tank

    Hello everyone, I am looking to set up a water barrel or something similar to age the water before doing water change for discus tank. I was wondering if anyone can give me any tips on where to get the barrels from and types of water pump to use. Thanks in advance!!! -Rajiv
  2. L

    Blue turquoise discus

    Two available Approximately 3 inches in size Picture is attached from a few weeks ago Located in DC $30 each
  3. L

    Discus for sale

    Hi, I have 6 discus around 4in I would like to sell for $200. Or I can trade them for quality koi fish. I'm having issue with loading pictures - please send me an email ariodpalm@yahoo.com or text me 410-499-5700 Thanks Loc
  4. D

    Discus For Sale

    Hi guys, First time selling fish here in the forum. I have a few discus fish that I'm selling. 5 to be exact. I've ordered them online from discususa, first coast discus and from kennys discus. They are all very healthy and eat cobalt flakes, biogold freeze dried black worms. Size range...
  5. Termato

    Discus Eating Behaviors

    So my discus are ALWAYS peaceful little guys (or big in this case). I have always been curious about their behavior while and after eating. They get really aggressive towards one another and it climaxes at one point. It's a really intriguing thing to watch. Anyways, I capture the whole event on...
  6. S

    Hikari Discus Bio-Gold

    After much research and forum searching, I have concluded that Hikari Discus Bio-Gold has to be one of the best fish foods. I realized that many companies don not include the word "meal" in their ingredients list which is misleading because "Whole fish" is listed as wet weight versus "Fish meal"...
  7. Pat Kelly

    North American Discus Association show.

    When: July 7th – July 10th, 2016 Where: Westin Lombard Hotel 70 Yorktown Shopping Center, Lombard, IL 60148
  8. D

    A little updated look on my 90G discus tank

    Took out the gravel as it was getting too difficult to clean at times. Switched to Caribsea instant aquarium sand. What a difference.
  9. A

    Jumbo discus as HOT

    Anyone else seen these? A guy bought one when I was in there today. Very pretty and prob the Biggest discus I've personally seen but $300 a piece! They were wild caught.
  10. rpitonyak

    Does Anyone Here Sell Sell Discus?

    Hello all! I am new to the Discus hobby and have purchased (2) discus from Azalea Aquariums a couple weeks ago. They are doing great. I am looking to purchase (3) more and want to know if anyone here sells Discus before I purchase from Kenny's Discus or Azalea. Just trying to keep my options...
  11. D

    Discus Tank - progress and updates

    Hi All, Finally got discus from Han's and I am loving them so far. I got 2 red turquoise and 2 Blue snakeskins. This time around I am planning to document their growth more closely and share it with you from time to time. For starters, I must recommend Han's to anyone who is willing to get...
  12. D

    My 90 gallon Discus tank

    Just wanted to share my 90 gallon Discus tank. This is my current set up but I swap fish every now and then. Thanks for looking.
  13. D

    Discus Fanatic in Bowie

    Just wanted to stop by and say hi to all of you guys. I'm John from Bowie, MD. I'm an avid discus keeper and I sell them as well. Pleasure to be here.
  14. rpitonyak

    Discus Diet

    Good Morning Everyone! I purchased my first (2) discus Saturday, a blue diamond and a pigeon blood (4"). The store that I bought them from fed them a combination of live and frozen blood worms once a day. I have looked around online and have seen that this is not a complete diet for these fish...

    Discus deaths

    I have a 90 gallon and on Friday night I did a 50% water change, came home Saturday afternoon four of my discus were dead three others were laying on there sides gasping for air. I use prime, water temp at 84, here is what baffles me my water parameters ammonia 0 ppm, nitrate 5.0 and nitrate 80...
  16. Greengirl

    Discus for sale

    Hi Everyone, I am not interested in breeding anymore and I would like to get rid of one last tank. I have a proven adult female discus and a younger unproven male for sale. Both are from Discus Hans lines. Female is worth $250 alone, but I will sell both for $250.
  17. C

    Discus in a 65 gallon?

    Hi guys, I was wondering would discus work in a 65 gallon (36" long) or do I need something longer? If discus would work with this tank size about how many? I would also like to add about 10-15 neons with the discus. Thanks
  18. D

    Planted discus aquarium

    Just wanted to share my new 56 tall setup. I m a rookie when it comes to planted tanks but playing safe with Val and anubias. My discus are loving all the hiding places and extra space...
  19. Greengirl

    Discus fry

    Hi Everyone. My discus fry are still a bit small and young, but they are voracious eaters and are now eating shaved beef heart. i would like to start selling them They are hearty and fat and are the spawn of a snakeskin pair. The super small ones are $10, the larger ones are $20. Let me know if...
  20. D

    2-inch Fire Red discus by breeder

    I have 2 month old, 2-inch Fire Red baby discus from Stendker parents for sale in Fairfax. You can find pics and more information on my CraigsList ad here: http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/for/5025595268.html. Thanks for looking. -Don